“Freddy’s down.”

The folks sitting on either side of me on press row at McKechnie Field were looking down at their laptops, so I was the first one to notice when Freddy Sanchez didn’t bounce up right away after turning a double play yesterday against the Much-Hated Phillies. But as soon as I said those two words, everyone’s heads snapped up.

You always hate to see someone injured, but it seems worse when it happens on sunny afternoon in a meaningless game. Another reason I hate injuries — I have to follow up on it. You ever stand next to someone who’s writhing in pain and have to take notes on what’s wrong and what it might mean? No fun there, pal, but it’s my job. Still, I feel a little like those vultures who slow to a crawl to inspect a two-car pile-up on the Parkway East. If you can’t help the situation, get out of the way.

We waited in the clubhouse while Freddy was being examined. The door to the trainer’s room (which is off-limits to media) was open when we walked into the clubhouse. It closed quickly once it was obvious we were there. Finally, Freddy walked out, limping just a bit. It looked like a best-case scenario, given the circumstances: just a mild sprain.

Freddy wasn’t scheduled to make today’s trip to Fort Myers, anyway, so he’ll get some time to rest. He’s a tough guy, though; he’ll be back out there in a few days.

You’ve gotta wonder, though, if maybe the Pirates aren’t re-thinking the decision to move Freddy to second base.