Two outs! Two!


SEATTLE — With two outs in the fourth inning tonight, Ronny Paulino doubled hard to left field. Jack Wilson then flied out to center field, ending the inning. Routine stuff, right?

Not quite. What you probably did not see on your TV screen was Paulino tagging up at second base — on what was the third out of the inning. So, if Ichiro Suzuki would have dropped the ball, Paulino would have been lucky to make it to third base instead of scoring an easy run.


* * * * * Coupla things about Seattle …

First, there really is a Starbucks on every street corner. Really.

Second, the folks here are friendly. Unlike DC and Chicago, the business suit crowd doesn’t all wear iPods and stare straight ahead as they march through downtown. And, at least in the neighborhoods where I’m hanging out, I’m the only one without multiple piercings, body art and dyed-black hair.

The only thing that creeps me out is, nobody jay-walks here. The downtown grid is a bunch of one-way streets — nothing coming for blocks, and yet a dozen people obediently stand on the corner, staring at the “do not walk” sign. Except for one guy, tearing across the street, like some rules-breaking, devil-may-care wild man.

That would be me.