Forget about A-Rod


Many of my brethren are writing stories today rating their teams’ chances of signing free agent Alex Rodriguez. GMs from the Phillies, Mets, Giants, Dodgers, Mariners, Rangers, Angles, Tigers, Indians and perhaps even the Nationals might soon be chatting with A-Rod’s agent. The poor beat writers in those towns will spend weeks chasing wild rumors and trying to get Scott Boras to return their calls.

As you might expect, that’s something I won’t have to worry about as someone who covers the Pirates.

The bidding for Rodriguez probably will start at $30 million per year — about $8 million less than the Pirates’ entire payroll last season.

The Pirates will pursue a free agent or two this winter. They’ll look over the list of available outfielders (not bad), catchers (not good) and pitchers (not worth it). They may even take a shot at a third baseman — but not A-Rod.

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When the Tigers traded Monday for shortstop Edgar Renteria, it might have ensured Jack Wilson will remain with the Pirates next season (or at least open the season in Pittsburgh). It was interesting to see pitcher Jair Jurrjens go to Atlanta in the trade. Back in July, Jurrjens was rumored to be part of a potential deal for Wilson.