Communication is key


A handful of veteran players — Doug Mientkiewicz, Jason Michaels and others — had one-on-one meetings this morning with general manager Neal Huntington.

“It was out of respect to our veterans,” Huntington said. “We wanted to gather some of their thoughts and expectations moving forward. We believe in communicating with players, and making sure there is an open line of communication there. We feel it’s the right thing to do.”

Friday night, after news broke that Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte had been traded, Huntington and president Frank Coonelly made a brief, closed-door visit to the clubhouse. Huntington addressed the players for a few minutes — not to justify the deal or point fingers, but merely to explain the situation.

“A very classy move,” was how one player described it to me.

It’s not something the former regime would have done. That’s one reason why relations between players and management were often so sour the past few years.

This front office group has shown things will be different, and that’s a very promising sign.