Deadline day


The Pirates will hold a press conference late this afternoon, probably around 4:30 p.m., to discuss what — if anything — they did at the non-waiver trade deadline. The deadline is 4 p.m.

The news, of course, will center on whether Jason Bay is dealt. Published reports have included him in scenarios involving the Red Sox, Rays and Marlins. The Padres chased after him last winter; will they make a late push?

Trib policy precludes me from publishing rumors or scenarios attributed to anonymous sources, even if those sources work for the Pirates. So as the minutes tick away up to 4 p.m., we’ll deal here with firm, confirmed reports.

This much is certain: the Pirates are listening to offers, and are playing possible trading partners — especially those who are in the same division — against each other to get the best deal. If something does go down, it likely would rank among the biggest trades in franchise history.

Stay tuned …