Let it all out, Bucs fans


You’re angry about the Jason Bay trade, aren’t you? Or, do you think it will ultimately help turn around the franchise? Stunned? Surprised? Elated? Honked-the-freak-off?

My e-mail inbox is buzzing, and the trade’s only a few hours old. Time to vent, folks. Let me hear it …

Can’t wait to see how many suckers waste their time & money to go see this pathetic excuse for a professional sports franchise. Don’t think I”ve been this angry, frustrated, depressed since Lind’s error, or when Sid Bream beat the throw.

– Mario

Most of the players the Pirates picked up in the (Nady and Bay) trades were born in the early fall of 1983, which makes them about 25. Aren’t guys who are around 25 and still at Class AAA or AA not really destined to be impact big leaguers?

– Mort Davis

Another crappy deal.

– Bob Cyphers

Are you freaking kidding me? This trumps the Nady/Marte trade. If the Pirates weren’t the laughing stock of baseball (before), they are now. Not only do they have to shed the title of “perennial loser,” but you can add “SUCKER” when it comes to trading, too. It’s a slap to the face to every loyal Buccos fan. (Adam) LaRoche wasn’t enough; we had to get his brother (Andy). Why do we need a third baseman? Are we not gonna sign Pedro Alvarez? I realize this mess wasn’t gonna be fixed overnight , but this past week has set us back another 16 years of losing. YIPPIE!

– Mario Lopez, Charlotte, NC