Bay says trade was ‘inevitable’


CHICAGO — Jason Bay saw it coming.

Thursday night, as news that he was going to the Boston Red Sox as part of a three-way trade began to sink it, Bay was not surprised to be packing his bags and leaving the Pirates.<p? "It was something that was probably inevitable, given the state of the franchise, (and with) them getting rid of (Xavier) Nady and (Damaso) Marte to the Yankees," Bay said. "This was something from the offseason that I had anticipated would happen."

The Pirates got four prospects — including third baseman Andy LaRoche, Adam’s little brother — in exchange for Bay. What does Bay get? The two-time All-Star left fielder will get to experience something he’s never had during his career in Pittsburgh: a playoff chase.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Bay said. “Even if I could have picked a place, if I had free range to go anywhere, there was no question that (Boston) would be a place I would like to go. Just being part of that atmosphere. I haven’t had that excitement over the past few years.”