Boras blinks


Scott Boras blinked.

Yes, the Pirates had to go way above slot to sign first-round draft pick Pedro Alvarez. But they got the slugger for a $6 million bonus, but they got the deal done for the same money given to No. 3 Eric Hosmer and $200,000 less than what No. 5 Buster Posey got. And the Pirates did not have to give up a major league contract, which would have required them to clear a spot on the 40-man roster.

I would have enjoyed watching Boras and Pirates president Frank Coonelly go at it during negotiations.

“This had nothing to do with me wanting to have a go-round with Scott Boras,” Coonelly said this afternoon. “We’ve had our dealings, certainly, in the past. This was all about us selecting the best player available. It happened to be a player who was represented by Scott. I was never concerned that the negotiation process would be affected by a perceived battle of titans, so to speak.”

But I couldn’t help but notice that Coonelly was grinning broadly as he spoke.

‘Nuf said.