McLouth sits again


MILWAUKEE — Center fielder Nate McLouth (stomach virus) feels better today — he arrived early at Miller Park on the team bus and will be in uniform during the game — but is sitting out for the fifth day in a row.

“It looks like he’s back among the living again,” manager John Russell joked. Don’t expect to see McLouth back in the lineup until Tuesday.

Catcher Ryan Doumit (dehydration) is playing. “He’s not 100 percent, but he’s good enough to play,” Russell said.

Lineups for today’s game:

PIRATES — Morgan CF, Wilson SS, Doumit C, Adam LaRoche 1B, Michaels RF, Moss LF, Gomez 3B, Rivas 2B, Chavez C, Maholm (8-7, 3.64) LHP

BREWERS — Weeks 2B, Hardy SS, Braun LF, Fielder 1B, Hart RF, Cameron CF, Hall 3B, Kendall C, Sabathia (8-0, 1.60) LHP