Part of the game?


SAN FRANCISCO — Five batters were hit by pitches this afternoon at AT&T Park. The first four were Pirates.

So, which team’s pitcher was on the receiving end of a warning from home plate umpire Angel Campos?

If you said the Pirates, you get a gold star.

Craig Hansen, who’s control has been erratic at best since joining the Pirates, was wild again today. With two outs in the eighth inning, with the Pirates trailing 11-6, Hansen came up high with a pitch and then nailed Nate Schierholtz near the shoulder blades.

As Schierholtz trotted to first base, Campos immediately warned both benches.

“You don’t know (for sure), but two right there … you know it’s intentional,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said

It was the first batter Hansen had hit in 11 1/3 innings with the Pirates, though he has issued 14 walks.

The Giants used seven pitchers in the game. Three of them hit batters.

Nate McLouth got it on his right pinky finger. Doug Mientkiewicz was nipped on the leg. Brian Bixler took one off his batting helmet, near his left ear. Steve Pearce had a fastball graze his jersey.

The four players were bruised, but otherwise fine after the game. Still, it was a scary moment when the ball thunked off Pearce’s head.

“We’re not trying to hit anybody,” Bochy said. “It was unfortunate someone got it in the head, but, hey, it’s part of the game. We certainly were a bit wild today.”

After Hansen plunked Schierholtz, both teams watched the rest of the inning perched on the top step of their respective dugouts. There was the palpable sense that one inside pitch would spark a brawl.

It never happened.

But perhaps is something had happened sooner — if, say, a Giants batter had been hit in the inning after Pearce’s close call — things would have turned out differently.