Wilson’s last hurrah?


Jack Wilson realizes the roster upheaval that began when the new front office group took over a year ago will continue this offseason. And he’s heard the whispers that say he might be traded. With 10 games left in the season, Sunday might be the final time Wilson plays for the home team at PNC Park.

“I have no expectations,” Wilson said this morning. “I don’t know if I’ll even got to play in a game. I’m not gonna say, ‘Hey, put me in. It could be my last game here.’ But if there’s an opportunity where I could help, I want to do it.”

Wilson has a fractured right index finger, but has been cleared to swing a bat — although he’s doing it with essentially half a grip. Even so, I’d expect manager John Russell to give Wilson a victory lap in front of the fans by using him as a pinch-hitter or -runner in Sunday’s home finale.

Lineups for today’s game:

DODGERS — Martin C, Ethier RF, Ramirez LF, Blake 3B, Loney 1B, Kemp CF, DeWitt 2B, Berrora SS, Kershaw (4-5, 4.41) LHP

PIRATES — Morgan LF, Cruz SS, McLouth CF, Michaels RF, Adam LaRoche 1B, Andy LaRoche 3B, Gomez 2B, Maholm (9-8, 3.68) LHP