Final day


SAN DIEGO — Last game of the season … not on TV back home … players sitting around the clubhouse, exchanging cell phone numbers and checking their fantasy football lineups … and although no one’s saying it, everyone’s wondering who’ll still be around next year.

Should be a busy offseason.

Lineups for today’s game:

PIRATES — McLouth CF, Sanchez 2B, Michaels LF, Adam LaRoche 1B, Michaels LF, Pearce RF, Andy LaRoche 3B, Chavez C, Cruz SS, Ohlendorf (0-3, 7.50) RHP

PADRES — Venable CF, Rodriguez SS, Giles RF, Adrian Gonzalez 1B, Kouzmanoff 3B, Headley LF, Hundley C, Antonelli 2B, Baek (6-9, 4.72) RHP