Jack Wilson in the house


LAS VEGAS — I just ran into Jack Wilson and Salomon Torres in the Bellagio lobby. Usually, players stay away from the Winter Meetings, but the lure of Las Vegas has brought several — big-money free agents and lesser-known guys — to this gathering.

Wilson is in town with two buddies, one of them his personal trainer, and plans to stick around until tomorrow night. “We planned this months ago,” Wilson said. “All this trade stuff has nothing to do with it. It’s Vegas!”

Oh, yeah, the trade stuff.

The Pirates are shopping Wilson, but talks with the two main bidders for the shortstop — the Dodgers and Tigers — seem to be losing steam. Someone in the Detroit organization last night indicated Wilson might be more of a Plan B than anything at this point. Of course, things have a funny way of changing in an instant when it comes to trade talks.

Wilson and second baseman Freddy Sanchez have been a solid double-play combination for years in Pittsburgh. Wilson said it would be odd playing alongside a different guy. “It would be a hit to me,” Wilson said.

Wilson paused and laughed. “Hey, send us somewhere together,” he said. “I’m not opposed to a package deal.”

Actually, the Pirates are shopping Sanchez as well. However, the odds of a two-fer deal are zilch.