Where will Pearce play?


DENVER — Did the Pirates really bring up Steve Pearce to play right field? He hopes not. It Pearce had his druthers, he’d be a full-time first baseman.

“(First base) is a position I’m comfortable with,” Pearce said. “It’s where I’ve always played. When I go to the outfield … I’m trying so hard to learn it. It takes something out of me when I’m at the plate. If I made an error in the outfield, it’s like, ‘Oh, my God, I’ve got to do twice as much now with my hitting.’ It doesn’t feel natural. Knowing I’m at first base, it’s an easier transition into the game. In the outfield, there’s so much more preparation.”

Pearce, who was called up late last night, has played 59 games in the majors and batted .266 with four homers and 21 RBI. Of the 45 times he’s played in the field, 43 of them were in the outfield.

If the Pirates are serious about getting a look at what Pearce can do, he’ll have to get significant playing time at first base. With Jose Tabata and Gorkys Hernandez in the system, there’s no space for Pearce to have a future in the outfield, anyway.

So, what happens next? Adam LaRoche could be traded — the Mets likely would be interested. Or, perhaps this is a showcase period for Pearce in order to deal him elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Lineups for tonight’s game:

PIRATES — 1.Andrew McCutchen cf, 2. Nyjer Morgan lf, 3. Freddy Sanchez 2b, 4. Adam LaRoche 1b, 5. Andy LaRoche 3b, 6. Brandon Moss rf, 7. Jason Jaramillo c, 8. Jack Wilson ss, 9. Charlie Morton (0-0, 0.00) rhp

ROCKIES — 1. Dexter Fowler cf, 2. Clint Barmes 2b, 3. Todd Helton 1b, 4. Brad Hawpe rf, 5. Troy Tulowitzky ss, 6. Ian Stewart 3b, 7. Carlos Gonzalez lf, 8. Chris Iannette c, 9. Jason Hammell (4-3, 4.10) rhp