Going bananas?


Q: Hasn’t Delwyn Young “gone bananas” enough to warrant starting in right field for a while? A .346 (batting average) is what it is. Why not let it play out? Another question: If Nyjer Morgan gets dealt can Brandon Moss play left competently or could we see a call up of Garret Jones?

— Jeff Z, Virginia Beach, Va.

A: One thing holding Delwyn Young back from being a starting outfielder is his defense. It is merely adequate in spots, but not stellar. I’m not sure he’ll ever be an everyday player at any one position. But I could see him having a long, successful (and lucrative) career in the majors as a utilityman/pinch-hitter/fourth OF.

I think Moss would be OK in left — coming into this season, he had played in 49 games in LF and 36 in RF — although he might struggle some in the pasture that is PNC Park’s left field. More likely, Lastings Milledge (if that’s who would arrive in a trade) would go to left. Jones is having a heckuva season (.303, 12 HR, 48 RBI, .842 OPS) at Triple-A, and I would think he’d be a natural call-up if/when, say, Eric Hinske is traded.