Sanchez still a Pirate … for now


SAN FRANCISCO — Neither second baseman Freddy Sanchez nor shortstop Jack Wilson is in the lineup tonight, but it does not appear any trade is imminent.

The Giants, in the thick of the wild-card chase, are keenly interested in Sanchez. However, manager John Russell said Sanchez’s gimpy left knee will keep him out of the lineup again — he did not play last night — and until at least Friday. Wilson got a normal day off, Russell insisted, which was not related to his recent hamstring injury or any trade possibility.

“Rumors are rumors,” Sanchez said. “There’s been speculation about a lot players who haven’t gone anywhere. But it’s a little different when you’re playing in the place where they’re talking about you going.”

A Giants trainer checked out Sanchez’s knee last night, but the exam was nothing out of the norm for when a visiting player is injured. Sanchez was not given the type of complete physical exam that would be part of trade proceedings.

That being said, Sanchez is very, very jumpy today — even Wilson noted as much as he watched Sanchez bounce around the clubhouse before batting practice.