Snell’s mild parting shots


SAN FRANCISCO — Ian Snell did not badmouth the Pirates on his way out the door.

“The Pirates gave me my first opportunity, so I have nothing bad to say about them,” Snell said. “I had issues with (general manager) Neal Huntington and some others. But we talked about our issues and we got over them.”

Snell’s outgoing personality grated on some of his teammates. Snell also at times resisted guidance from his pitching coaches and management. After being demoted to Triple-A Indianapolis, Snell told the Tribune-Review he neither wanted not expected to ever return to Pittsburgh.

“He made it public he didn’t want to be here,” manager John Russell said. “To be successful, I think he needed to be in a place where he felt like he had an opportunity. For some reason he didn’t feel like that was here.”

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik labeled Snell as “somewhat of a reclamation project.” Snell probably will start out at Triple-A.

“We’re hoping we can resurrect his career,” Zduriencik said.