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Lefty Javier Lopez signs 1-year deal


The Pirates on Friday signed left-hander Javier Lopez to a one-year contract.

Lopez, 32, spent the past four seasons with the Boston Red Sox organization. In that span, he pitched in 172 games for the Red Sox with a 3.30 ERA. He spent most of this past season at Triple-A Pawtucket and also played for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.

“Javier has proven to be a capable major league reliever who has the abiltiy to attack both left- and right-handed hitters,” general manager Neal Huntington said. “He will provide a solid relief option for manager John Russell in 2010.”



  1. Mark says:

    Granted it’s a small sample size, but against lefties last year he walked 4 and gave up 9 hits in just 4.1 innings. Not exactly what you hope for from a guy that could be called upon to get lefties out.

  2. PiratesFan says:

    It doesn’t matter if the guy has been in the league for 20 yrs. Our bullpen and offensive lineup stinks. Another 100 loss season coming. Been nice to have Nady and Rich Ankiel. I belive both bothers would help. Nady off the bench with spot start here and there. Rich Ankiel starting RF. Heck if Jones has an off season like I think he will, Nady could of played his position well. We would have a 4th and 5th hole covered. Lineup McCutchen, Young, Milledge, Nady, Ankiel, Doumit, LaRouche, Cedeno, and then pitcher. Decent offenisive line up. It would have potential to drive in 4 more runs then last year. What was the season average last year, 2 runs per game?

  3. Gabriel says:

    I’ve been a Pirates fan since I was 6yrs old(living in New Jersey)…Never, ever will turn on them….I know our history, but I am looking frwd to watching them this up coming season..Iwamura and Bobby Crosby are good signings(for the Pirates) and McCutchen is the next best thing in CF….No 100 losses this year….GO PIRATES

  4. Rich says:

    I am a lifelong Pirate fan. Although I moved from Pittsburgh many years ago, I continue to follow them. In my opinion, the Pirates are a triple A club and will continue to perform that way until they decide to pay for major league performers. For the last 10 (or more) my biggest amazement is that they are able to draw as many loyal fans as they continually do with the product that is presented year after year. Each year they continue to “dump” any good performer who they might have to pay a fair wage to in order to keep them.

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