No update on Doumit post-game


Manager John Russell didn’t have any post-game news on catcher Ryan Doumit, who left the game tonight feeling nauseated and light-headed.

“We don’t have any results back yet,” Russell said. “We’ll hope for the best but I can’t really comment because we don’t have all the information. We’ll have to see how he comes through tonight and what he looks like tomorrow.”

Doumit missed a handful of games in 2008 with concussion-like symptoms after he was hit in the mask three times in one game, and he was dinged in the mask again on Monday. That kept him out of Tuesday’s game, although Russell said he could have played if they needed him to. He was examined by doctors and cleared to play tonight, but in the first he was run over by Rickie Weeks running home, struck out in the second in his first at-bat and was replaced by Erik Kratz at the top of the third.

Russell said it wasn’t necessarily the hit by Weeks that caused the symptoms.

“I don’t know, it didn’t look like it really banged him that hard,” Russell said. “Combination of a lot of things, getting hit the other night, humid night, the adrenaline gets going and sometimes it kicks off some symptoms.”