Still no word yet on picks


With just over an hour until game time, there’s still no word yet on the Pirates signing top two picks Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie, and it would surprise nobody if it goes down to the 11:59 p.m. wire.

“I know they’ve worked very hard on it,” manager John Russell said in his pregame Q&A with the media earlier today. “There’ve been some positive reports that hopefully we can get it done. It would be a great thing for our organization to get these guys into the system. Signing deadline, there are always a few teams sitting out there probably waiting until midnight tonight and we’re one of them. I hope we get it done. We’re pretty optimistic about it but you never know until you get it done. But to have those guys in the system is going to be great.”

If, for some reason, the Pirates are unable to sign Taillon or Allie they will receive compensatory picks in the 2011 draft, but that seems — at this point — unlikely. Both players are expected to sign for bonuses over their respective MLB-recommended slots ($3.25 million for No. 2 overall Taillon and $684,000 for No. 52 overall Allie), and Taillon could set a new record for most bonus money paid by the Pirates. Third baseman Pedro Alvarez currently holds the record, at $6.355 million in 2008.

General manager Neal Huntington is at PNC Park today, where the Pirates begin a 10-game homestand.

Here are tonight’s lineups. For the Pirates:
McCutchen 8, Tabata 7, Walker 4, Jones 3, Alvarez 5, Doumit 9, Snyder 2, Diaz 6, McDonald 1

And the Marlins:
Ramirez ss , Morrison lf, Sanchez 1b, Uggla 2b, Stanton rf, Ross cf, Helms 3b, Hayes c, Volstad p