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Meek’s hand bruised, not broken


MILWAUKEE — Reliever Evan Meek this afternoon was struck on his right hand by Ryan Braun’s line drive. Meek’s hand is bruised, not broken, and his status is day to day.

“I do feel lucky,” said Meek, who’s the third Pirates pitcher this season to leave a game after being struck. “I’m thankful it’s not broken. Had my hand not been in the way, I don’t know … I’m glad it wasn’t at my face. I’m still thinking about what happened.”

The incident happened in the eighth inning of the Milwaukee Brewers’ 8-4 victory.

With two outs, Braun hit a smash up the middle. Meek reacted by drawing his arms toward his chest, and the ball hit him on the back of his hand, near his pinky and ring fingers.

“That ball got to me so fast, I had not time to get my glove up or anything,” Meek said.

Meek immediately fell on his back onto the mound and stayed there until the Pirates’ medical crew reached him.

X-rays taken at Miller Park showed no fracture. Meek has a large, red welt which soon will become a bruise and keep him out of action for a while.

Earlier this season, Chris Jakubauskas and Ross Ohlendorf were struck in the head by liners. Jakubauskas had a concussion, went on the 60-day disabled list and has not yet returned to the majors. Ohlendorf had bruises and did not miss any time.

“I’m just thankful that we’re all alive and OK,” Meek said.



  1. M R Jackson says:

    I was at this game and believe Evan Meek is incredibly fortunate. Ryan Braun literally could not have hit the ball harder. That Meek was able to cushion the blow with his hand probably saved him at least a broken rib. How Meek has no broken bones is a borderline miracle.

  2. Sam Lee says:

    This is a guy who defended throwing fastballs up near people’s heads. He should be asked what he thinks about that now.

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