Jones still working on getting swing back


Garrett Jones knew his numbers weren’t good at the plate in July and certainly in August, but he didn’t have to consult them for proof that his swing was off.

He could feel it.

“I was fighting myself, and then you start thinking at the plate and once you start thinking you have no chance up there,” Jones said on Wednesday. “I just had a bad habit and couldn’t get out of it quickly and that’s why the consistency went downhill.”

Jones says he’s still fighting to stay short with his swing, but he’s starting to get the plane back to where it was earlier in the year. He’s starting to hit more line drives and using the whole field more, a good indicator that he’s figuring it out. He had back-to-back multi-hit games in the first two games of the Mets series for the first time since July 21-22, and has hits in six of seven going into tonight’s game.

“I’m just trying to be as consistent as I can and keep doing that until I don’t have to think about it anymore,” Jones said.

Jones hit .302 in May, .330 in June, .248 in July and dropped to .144 in August. He’s back up to .273 so far in September. His overall average is at .249, but Jones still leads the team with 77 RBI (Neil Walker is second with 53) and 20 home runs (Chris Snyder is in second with 14) and is second in hits with 133, just seven behind Andrew McCutchen.

Here are tonight’s lineups:
For the Pirates — McCutchen 8, Tabata 7, Walker 4, Jones 3, Alvarez 5, Bowker 9, Cedeno 6, Snyder 2, Maholm 1.

For the Mets — Reyes 6, Pagan 9, Beltran 8, Wright 5, Davis 3, Evans 7, Blanco 2, Tejada 4, Mejia 1