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De la Rosa is Bucs’ top target

I’ve heard from a couple sources, inside and outside of the team, that left-hander Jorge de la Rosa is atop the Pirates’ free-agent shopping list this winter.

De la Rosa, who’ll turn 30 in April, would likely be the No. 1 pitcher in the Pirates’ rotation next season. The Pirates are seeking all sorts of pitching help, but would love to retool their rotation with more-reliable arms.

He won’t come cheaply — the Pirates would have to offer a multi-year deal (de la Rosa is seeking at least a four-year contract) and will command at least $11 million a year. Also, since he’s a Type A free agent, the Pirates would give up a second-round pick in the 2011 draft.

This past season, de la Rosa went 8-7 with a 4.22 ERA in 20 starts for Colorado. He’s a power pitcher — he averaged 8.4 strikeouts per nine innings this year — something the Pirates have lacked for years.

Over three seasons with the Rockies, de la Rosa had a respectable 4.49 ERA at hitter-friendly Coors Field. However, he’s never had an ERA below 4.20 and has never pitched more than 185 innings in a season.

The Rockies, Washington Nationals, New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers also are interested in him.


  1. They’ve lacked a power pitcher in the rotation, but IMO, this is the type of pitcher they have been going after since NH took over.

  2. What’s $9MM more for Cliff Lee? ha ha ha

  3. Rob,

    Thanks for getting our hopes up, but we all know this won’t happen. 11 million is way more than the Buccos will pay.

  4. He is the second best pitcher in free agency this year. The pirates should stick to the francis’s and bonderman’s of the world. De la rosa is out of their price range in this weak pitching market

  5. The pirates missed the boat last trade deadline when Dbacks unloaded Edwin Jackson to ChiSox… the low innings count on de la Rosa would be a concern to me, & giving up a draft pick would HURT, depending on what next yrs draft looks like considering we have the 1st picks in each round….i’m upbeat with the Hurdle signing, wishing they could have gotten Showalter though, his track record with young talent & how he runs a clubhouse, look what he did with O’s in very short period of time,

  6. I would go with Javier Vazquez who would command less money and is due for a bounce-back year once he returns to the NL where he feels comfortable.

  7. Okay, I’m a casual baseball fan, not a stathead or a sabermetrician or anthing, so forgive me. WHY ON EARTH WILL THIS GUY COMMAND THAT SORT OF MONEY WITH STATS LIKE THAT? Is that really what a perfectly average pitcher goes for these days?

  8. this will go a long way to proving that the buccos are serious about winning.

  9. WOW!!! This will really make us competative. Please tell me there is more to the off season plan that just an 11 million dollar average pitcher.

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