Hanrahan, Meek, Doumit, etc.


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Some highlights from GM Neal Huntington’s late-afternoon media confab on the first day of the Winter Meetings:

»»» General impressions: “It’s a lot like the first day of the Winter Meetings always — a lot of conversations, some lead to dead ends and other lead to things coming to fruition. A lot of dialogue.”

»»» Whether the Pirates are open to trading prospects to fill needs for 2011: “We’re open to the right deal. In a perfect world, we’d like to hold on to every prospect we have. But we know that in order to get good players that are the right fit, it’s going to take us some players in return.”

»»» On trade interest for Joel Hanrahan and Evan Meek: “We like both guys a lot. We think both are capable of closing at the major league level and we’re looking for value in return.”

»»» Which one is the closer?  “The tough part is, it’s not going to be a spring training competition because you can’t ever really compare (outings). One guy may face somebody’s A ball lineup and the other guy may face a big league lineup. If we do decide on one — there’s been multiple conversations between Clint (Hurdle) and I — we’ll decide before spring training. In early conversations, we’re open to continuing moving both guys, depending on how they match up, but it’s an ongoing dialogue whether we settle on one or go with both.”

»»» Ryan Doumit’s status: “As we sit here right now, Ryan will be our right fielder with some time behind home plate to supplement Chris Snyder. Sitting here right now, Ryan’s going to play a lot. It’s up to him to play well in order to play.”

»»» Regarding rumored trade interest in Andrew McCutchen: “I wouldn’t always believe what you read.”