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Hurdle helped seal Overbay deal


Before flying back to his home near Seattle, Lyle Overbay had lunch this afternoon in Pittsburgh with new manager Clint Hurdle. Overbay came away from the meeting convinced he’d made the right decision by signing a one-year, $5 million contract with the Pirates.

“(Hurdle) was a big part of my decision,” Overbay said. “I talked to a lot of people about him. I like that way he goes about it — his honesty, his knowledge of the game, his energy. He made me feel comfortable. I’m an easy-going guy, too, but when it’s time to go after it, I know how to turn the switch. He’s the same way.”

»»» Overbay’s left-handed pop (20 homers last season) should fit nicely in the lineup. With 10 years’ experience in the majors, Overbay is by far the most tenured member of the Pirates’ young infield.

“I don’t remember becoming an old guy, but I guess I am,” Overbay said with a laugh. “I’ve been through some things, so maybe I can help. I’m not going to be a drill sergeant, but I want to be part of the solution.”

The Pirates will hold a one-week minicamp in Bradenton, Fla., in early January. Overbay is not required to attend, but is leaning toward coming to Florida.

“With such a long trip (from Seattle), usually when I come East, I’m there for the duration,” he said. “But if the younger guys are going to be there, I don’t want to not be there and set a bad example. I want to do what I can.”

»»» Overbay’s contract is only for 2011, but he’s already thinking of the future — in Pittsburgh. “I’m hoping it will last longer than (one season),” he said.



  1. Tag says:

    If Overbay shows any type of productivity going into July he will be traded for prospects. This means his supposed hope of being in Pittsburgh longer than a year won’t happen.

  2. Dave Swank says:

    “With such a long trip (from Seattle), usually when I come East, I’m there for the duration,”

    This is 2010, right? The Pirates aren’t making the guy hitch a way here, right?

  3. joel says:

    Wow, the names that the Pirates signed this off season leave a lot to be desired. That and the Nuttings bragged that payroll would go up 15million. Add to that figure the savings of 10 million fron junkballer McMahon and no- hit no-field nomitt that adds up to 25 million. What do we have to show for it??? MLB should transfer this team to the International League. On second though, how about the Flordia State League. Al least our budding superstars can be warm all season.

  4. Paul In Shaler says:

    I’ve been a big supporter so far of the front office, their commitment to the draft and the minor league system, the players they’ve drafted and their willingness to push them up through the system based on their performance rather than a timetable. I was especially happy with their resistance to public pressure and their willingness to break the endless cycle of over priced has-been playing out their careers in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately while those actions have given them some good young players to work with and a nice foundation going forward moves like this and the people they’ve hired as managers have me wondering if they have any clue how to assemble them into a winning product at the major league level.

    Two studs coming off “down” years Carlos Pena and Lance Berkman sign one year deals for 10 and 8 million respectively and we sign Lyle Overbay for 5 million? Really? To save a measly 3 million you don’t pursue two guys with the potential to hit 20 to 25 home run at PNC alone and sign a guy who’s only slugged .500 once in his ten year career… Really?

    If a lefty free-agent first baseman is a route they were considering don’t you think a three year deal of 22 to 25 million to Pena or Berkman would have been a better route to plug the first base hole and create a more valuable trade potential if things don’t go well? This wreaks of a half-hearted afterthought.

    I believe that when Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez explode on the league this year the front office is going to regret not having been just a bit more aggressive and/or creative thought just a bit “bigger” when it came to signing a power hitting, middle of the lineup first baseman.

    This is a very “small minded” move that seems to suggest they’re going into the season expecting to lose and not the kind the team needs to take the next step forward.

  5. says:

    When Hurdle was in Tidewater I used to listen to his interviews with Tony Mercurio on 1310. He always came across as a down to earth guy. He’ll probably be a good manager particularly with developing the young guys. I can see him quieting those road game phobias. THat alone would make him a great hire.

    As far as Overbay helping; I’m from Irwin but I think like Missourri, Show me. We’ve been scalded too many times on these free agents.

  6. James says:

    The weak moves this offseason is is no surprise to anyone who has followed the Pirates for at least aslong as the Galbreath’s havent owned them.
    If anyone expected any better moves than this, they have to be either delusional or new to the scene.
    Unfortunately it seems that most Pittsburghers who have hope that the Pirates will ever be anything more than an embarrassment to this town as long as they are owned by the Nuttings ARE delusional.
    Their gullibility is sad, to say the least.
    The only ray of hope that has appeared on the horizon in the past couple years was when it was revealed that Mario Lemeiux and a rich partner were willing to buy the team.
    But Nutting wont sell, and why should he? He’s making huge profits from obviously the most gullible people in America.

    If there was ever a time for the fans of this team to have stood up and demanded action, it’ s when the supposedly poor Nutting refused to sell to a owner group that was so rich they could easily have afforded any of the free agents that the Yankees or the Redsox were dealing with this off season, and made the Pirates part of the big winter moves for the first time since the 70’s.
    That chance came and went, and nobody made an issue of it, so you deserve what you’re getting now.

  7. chuck broad says:

    THE only thing worse than losing year after year is listening to all the fans bitch….maybe i am nuts but way back in 1958 bob prince taught me that positive thinking works much much beter than always complaining….let’s all tyry to be positive this year..obviously ther eaRE some reasons to enjoy the play of players like mccutchan and walker etc

  8. How are agents and other GM’s able to keep from laughing out loud when Huntington calls? In your dealings with him are you able to sense that he has a clue? These signings make no sense. Last year it was Iwamora. Even in the best case scenario he takes playing time, at bats from young, supposedly developing players. How can a couple of aging players on the downsides of their careers help this team? If they feel the need to spend money to keep some heat off why don’t they lock up some of there younger players or take Correas 4 mil., Overbays 5 mil and whatever money ther’re spending on these other dogs and acquire 1 real pitcher that’s young enough to factor into their long range future. No expects them to win next year, but it would be nice to think that they could be decent in ’12. Why bring in these guys, Overbay in particular, that won’t contribute to that effort. They claim to be commited to developing young players with an eye to the future and then do these deals. Where’s the consistentcy in thoughts and actions. With this ownership/management group we have no one that has a proven track record of being successful in their current position. You have people unqualified to hire the people required to to successfully run a franchise

  9. John Lease says:

    Wishing the Pirates had better players isn’t going to make it so. I’ve been wishing REALLY hard.

  10. The Nutting family appear to be decent people competent and successful in their other business ventures. There is no shame in not having the skills required make this franchise competent and competitive. It was a huge challenge he bought into and has, in fact, improved the franchise in some areas quite a bit. Previous ownership so decemated this franchise that resulting shortcomings were so overwhelming that anyone would have enormous difficulty. In the words of the great Coach Chuck Noll referencing on of his players ‘. . .troubles are many and they are great.’
    It just isn’t fair to hold an entire region hostage while he allows an unproven management group to waste whatever resources and talent they currently have while flailing around, not even adhereing to their own ‘road map’ for success.
    Tampa has shown the way. Raid their management team. Pay whatever you have to to bring in a proven experienced president or GM or whomever would have the authority and ability to evaluate talent and vision to project potential into reasonable expectations of major league success.

  11. Kevin in Johnstown, Pa. says:

    The Milwaukee Brewers picked up young pitcher and a former Cy Young award winner today from the Kansas City Royals! Both small market teams!with Yankee money to spend??? We got Kevin Corriea and Scott Olsen??? The Phillies got Cliff Lee! to go long with Halliday, Oswalt and Hamels.The Cardnials still have Wainwright and Carpenter.The Reds are good enough they stood pat. since they won the division! We have Corriea, Maholm, Olhendorf & Morten, OH MY! LYLE OVERBAY! compared to Puljos, Votto, Fielder.That is a Big Stick we really needed! Lets be serious for a second, is Huntington’s hands that tied behind is back by the Nuttings, or are the Nuttings that ignorant of there investment in Pirates Baseball and their devoted fans? There media BS about investments in the minor leagues and the drafts is only going so far! This is just going to be a another year of wishful hoping again! And hoping someone else willing to buy the Pirates and make them the Proud Franschise that they deserve to be again1

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