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Reds’ Brennaman rips Pirates


During a recent speaking engagement at Marshall University, Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman gave a frank — and rather bleak — assessment of how he views the Pirates.

“They’ve probably improved themselves, which means they’ll probably lose 97 games,” Brennaman told the Charleston (W.Va) Daily Mail. “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for that franchise. There really isn’t. I don’t think it has great ownership, I don’t think it has great baseball expertise in its front office, and is strapped for finances, which is probably the single biggest problem. I feel bad for them. PNC Park is one of the fine ballparks in Major League Baseball.”

Brennaman also ridiculed the Cardinals (specifically manager Tony LaRussa — “I refer to him as ‘Mr. Baseball’ on the radio because he acts like he invented the game,” Brennaman said) and the Cubs (“At the end of the day, they’ve got ‘Cubs” across the front of their jersey. That’s why they won’t win.”) and referred to the Pirates as “a catastrophe.”

The West Virginia Power, one of the Pirates’ Class A affiliates, is based in Charleston. The Power share their stadium with Marshall’s baseball team. Brennaman, upset that the Thundering Herd do not have an on-campus venue, said Marshall’s president is “queer” for softball, which has it’s own ballpark.



  1. Ron says:

    He doesen’t think we have “great” ownership? Great should never be used in the same sentance with Nutting unless disaster or disgrace are the following words.

  2. Mark says:

    Brennaman is completely correct in his assessment of the worst team in baseball the last 17 years. There were 2 things he got wrong. 1) The Pirates are not just a catastrophe but rather a complete catastrophe. Management for the last 10 or so years keeps telling us fans that by getting rid of their best talent they are preparing for the future. When will the future be? Apparently their idea of building a team is undoubtedly flawed in the complete sense of the word. I once heard it said that it seems the Pirates are the farm team for every other team in the Major Leagues. And very free agent pick up seems to have been on at least 4 or 5 other teams which makes me wonder why these other teams have not kept them. Obvious answer is always they stink! 2) He said that the Pirates do not have great ownership. Come on lay it on the line. The Pirates have awful ownership. And it really shows in the performance on the field. Why are the Steelers sucessful? Ownership. Why were the Penguins awful before Lemieux took control of the francise. Ownership was awful and didn’t care about the francise. Why are the Pens great now. Amazingly enough Ownership. Who would have thought?

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