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Doumit “not thinking” about future


BRADENTON, Fla. — Ryan Doumit has checked into camp for what likely will be his final spring training with the Pirates.

“Haven’t even thought about that,” Doumit said.

Ryan Doumit

Ryan Doumit

Doumit chose his words carefully during a 5-minute chat early this morning at Pirate City. His frustration about his situation is palpable, but he didn’t want to say anything controversial right out of the chute.

Doumit said he isn’t entire sure of his role this season.

“This is day one for me, too,” Doumit said. “I haven’t talked to them about that. We’ll see how it goes.”

GM Neal Huntington tried unsuccessfully this winter to trade Doumit, even offering to pick up part of the $5.1 million salary. The Pirates plan to use Doumit as a sometime right fielder and backup catcher this year — quite a dropoff for someone once regarded as a potential cornerstone of the club.

“I’m trying not to think about that because I don’t really care,” Doumit said. “No matter where they put me, I want to be the best I can be. I’m going to go out there and just try to play like I’m capable of playing, and let that speak for itself.”

»»» All but one of the pitchers has checked in on time. Jose Ascanio has visa problems in Venezuela, and is expected to arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. Many of the position players also are in camp, even though they don’t have to report until Saturday.



  1. SC Cy says:

    I’m unsure why there is such a rush to trade Doumit. If it really isn’t about the money…why trade a guy that can be a valuable “platoon” backup? He gives the bench a strong, flexible bat. I’d trust him in both RF and behind the plate. Trade him now and the Pirates are back to what they do best…trading a guy at their lowest value.

  2. Ryan says:

    always been a big Doumit fan, atleast for his attitude. His play is suspect of course. I hope for the best for this guy.

  3. John Lease says:

    I care, I wish we’d keep Doumit. I was hoping with Russell gone we’d give him a chance. Snyder is way too expensive for a guy who can’t hit.

  4. DCULB says:

    It would suprise me to see R. Doumit as a positive influence in the locker room as a role player.Hope I’m wrong. Better back up potential thanJaramillo.

  5. Andy says:

    @John Lease and Doumit is way to expensive for a guy who can’t catch

  6. John Lease says:

    Don’t worry Andy, you don’t have to pay his salary.

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