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Pitchers set for SCF game

This afternoon, pitcher Jameson Taillon looked over gloves on a vendor's table outside the clubhouse.

This afternoon, pitcher Jameson Taillon looked over gloves on a vendor's table outside the clubhouse.

BRADENTON, Fla. — The Pirates will use seven pitchers in Friday’s charity game against State College of Florida. Each pitcher will work one inning.

Lefty Aaron Thompson will “start,” followed by Tyler Yates, Jeff Locke, Mike Crotta, Justin Wilson, Kyle McPherson and Rudy Owens.

Tomorrow, manager Clint Hurdle is expected to announce the pitchers for Saturday’s Grapefruit League opener against Tampa.

»»» Today’s workout went about 15 minutes longer than usual. The day started overcast and foggy, but the sun was blazing for the final hour or so of practice.

“The only way to increase stamina is to work when you’re a little bit fatigued,” Hurdle said. “That’s how marathon runners work. You’ve got to run to a distance you haven’t run before. One of the separators at the major league level during a game is finding a way to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s something you spend a lot of time with in a game. How many times in a game do you go to the plate where you’re locked in, the ball’s big and your swing’s right? We need to push them. Where we want to go is going to take work. It’s not going to take putting a couple hours in and going through a traditional routine.”

»»» Catcher Tony Sanchez looks sharp already this spring. He’s pegged as a potential fast-riser, so it’s no accident he’s been assigned to work out closely with veterans Chris Snyder and Ryan Doumit.

“That was the idea going in,” Hurdle said. “We want to give him the opportunity to be around two guys who have more experience. Hopefully, Tony will draw on some of that experience — whether it be drills, team fundamentals, all of that. It’s a chance for him to really elevate and get ready for this season.”



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