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A question of perception


BRADENTON, Fla. — I saw this Associated Press story today in the online sites of two California newspapers, one in Texas and one in Canada. Ouch.

Is that really representative of what folks back home think of the Pirates? It certainly seems to be the image people outside our region have of us and our relationship with the ballclub.

I know more than a few Pirates diehards back home, but I also know quite a few who gave up quite a while ago. Is there a “lost generation” of Pirates fans in Pittsburgh? I think so.

»»» I hate to bear even more bad news, but … according to an email I got from an online betting site, Clint Hurdle has an 18.3 percent chance of becoming the first newly hired manager to be fired this season.

According to, of the 12 skippers hired this offseason, the Cubs’ Mike Quade (20 percent chance) most likely will be the first to go. Hurdle was second, followed by the Brewers’ Ron Roenicke, the D’backs’ Kirk Gibson and the Blue Jays’ John Farrell (17.5 percent each).

»»» My favorite line about today’s 21-1 drubbing of SCF came from Hurdle: ” We move on to the second round.” In other words, it’s kinda like taking care of a 16th seed in the first game of March Madness.

“Those games are hard to play,” Hurdle said. “You want to do well and get your work in. You hope (the college players) enjoy the experience to some degree.”

SCF certainly didn’t enjoy it as much as in 2009, when the Manatees beat the Bucs, 6-4.



  1. James Spence says:

    Nah, there is no lost generation. If anything, there is generation who could not care less about the Pirates. Pehap two consecutive generations.
    When Mario Lemieux and his rich partner tried to buy the Piartaes and were flatly turned down by Nutting, it defined this current generation perfectly to be the generation who just doesnt care.
    Any town who cared about their team would have been livid.
    You have an owner who contunually cries and whines about not having enough money to bring in good players and keep good players from leaving town, and then a couple of rich men who could easily run a payroll like that of the Yankees and Redsox get turned down from buying the team by Mr. Cash-Strapped Whiner.
    Yet nobody raises a voice.
    That is sickening. It why I gave up right then and there in my hopes to ever see a winner from this owner.
    He is content to field mediocre teams and make up the money easily from revenue sharing and giveaways and fireworks specials. He is making good money or else he would have sold in a heartbeat.
    I am from the generations who witnessed championship teams in the 70’s, and I dont care one bit for this regime. I’d rather watch a local pick-up softball game than pay money to see Nutting’s Nobodies.

  2. Kip says:

    Biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever read … No chance these bozos will fire Burdle this year. As for giving up … Ha ha ha …. Never.

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