Post-game…a question about questions


Manager Clint Hurdle said he still has money out on the question he’s been waiting to hear from a reporter all spring. That revelation stemmed from an inquiry as to what momentum Charlie Morton might be able to carry into the regular season after a strong spring training, if that helps with any guesses as to just what that question might be. I know I’m intrigued.

So what do you think it is?

For the record, another reporter threw out the guess that the question was about spring training record, and Hurdle said no, but that probably would have been second.

Anyway…here’s the answer Hurdle nonetheless gave on the Charlie Morton momentum question:

“He’s pitched well all spring. He’s done a good job all spring. Today he was just efficient. The sinker’s there, the breaking ball was there, the change-up was there at times. But he’s kept the ball down as well as anybody. Pitched to contact as well as anybody. The thing I’m probably most impressed with Charlie is the fact that even though it’s spring, you add the walks and you add the hits and it’s still less than the innings that he’s pitched this spring, which gets your attention.”

True enough. Morton pitched 24 innings this spring, allowed just 15 hits and gave up six walks.

Pirates are now en route to Chicago, where they’ll work out at Wrigley Field at 3 p.m. Central time tomorrow.