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Diaz? Which Diaz?

Matt Diaz ... right? Right.

Matt Diaz ... right? Right.

CINCINNATI — When Matt Diaz batted in the first inning tonight, the video scoreboard at Great American Ball Park showed a mugshot of John Bowker. Pirates media relations guy Dan Hart pointed out the error and a call was made to the folks who control the scoreboard. Problem solved, right?

Um … no.

When Diaz batted in the fifth inning, the photo was that of Diaz … Argenis Diaz, who isn’t even in the Pirates’ organization anymore. Another call was made, and finally the right photo went up on the scoreboard.



There’s a couple innings left, so I’m waiting to see the mugs of two other ex-Buccos — Mike “Rambo” Diaz (1986-88) and Robinzon Diaz (2008-09).



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