Pirates get zeroes from top of the order


There were a few big oh-fers in the Pirates’ lineup tonight, including Jose Tabata going 0 for 4, Garrett Jones going 0 for 4 and Andrew McCutchen, who at least got a walk, going 0 for 3. That was the top three in the order, with all the hits coming from the middle (Walker and Overbay 1 for 4, Snyder 2 for 3 and Cedeno 1 for 3).

Tabata was 5 for 16 while leading off the last four games, and McCutchen was hitting .333 with eight RBI and 10 runs scored in his last 13 games. But Jones goes into the last day of the month with just three multi-hit games and his last home run on May 2.

Manager Clint Hurdle talked about it again after the game tonight regarding the eight strikeouts that Mets starter Dillon Gee rang up that the Pirates continue to struggle with swings and misses. His quotes in tomorrow’s Trib.

= Here’s Hurdle on Daniel McCutchen, who’s been so fantastic and came into the game with the lowest ERA (0.40) among all National League relief pitchers: “I don’t think he’s going to finish the season with a .38 ERA. This was a night where the leadoff walk became a challenge right away and one of the few times he’s missed location with a 2-1 pitch he just center cut it and a major league hitter put a barrel on it.”

= The Mets did a really nice job with their Memorial Day salutes. By far the most touching was getting together troops stationed in Afghanistan and putting them on live video on the Jumbotron while their families were down on the field before the game. When I see a mom clasping her hand over her mouth at the first sight of her daughter or a little boy telling his daddy hello, oh man, it doesn’t take much more than that to get me choked up. One of my best friends, who is like a sister to me, is married to an Air Force fighter pilot and stationed in Japan. I know how much her two little boys miss their daddy and how hard it can be for her taking care of them on her own when he’s deployed. So here’s a big, big thanks not just to the Driscoll family but to all our military families, past and current, for everything you do. You were very much on the minds of everyone in our great country today, as you should be always.

= That’s all for now. I’m off to try to find a cab. Not as easy as one might think in this part of New York.