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Pregame: Alvarez still shelved



  1. joel says:

    Maybe while gimpy is still in Flordia he will get to a gym and lose about 35 lbs.

  2. Chris davies says:

    Is there anyway you could see the pirates trading for a decent hitter soon, our offense is anemic and definitely needs a boost. Even if it is just a placebo affect, if be happy for anybody at this point

  3. Chuck H. says:

    What is it about the American League that turns the Pirates to putty. The hitters can’t
    hit their pitchers, and the pitchers can’t get their batters out. Maybe it’s dizziness from
    being over .500 or something like that, but the fact remains that we need some hitters.
    When we had the bases loaded late in the game Sunday, all we needed was a lousy
    single, which we didn’t get. I know there’s the problem with the catcher situation, but
    there was a spare catcher in the dugout, and we should have hit for our non hitting catcher. Little things can turn a loss to a possible win.

  4. Chuck H. says:

    Still putty against the American League!! What is that now, 5 in a row losses?. Come on
    hitters, come out of hiding. Pitching has been shaky too. Go Bucs.

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