In-game: Moskos tweaks delivery


Lefty reliever Daniel Moskos has not been used much lately. Some of that is due to the success of Tony Watson, who has been scored upon just once in his first eight outings. But a big reason is Moskos and pitching coach Ray Searage are working to smooth out a significant tweak to his delivery.

“I was real inconsistent with my timing as I go through my delivery,” Moskos said. “What we decided to do was take out the leg kick from the stretch, so I have more of a pinch-and-go or a quick step. It’s not a slide step, but it’s a quick step. It takes out some of the moving parts. It’s a body control as well as a pitch control thing. I think it’s going to allow me to be more consistent and stiff not sacrifice stuff. I was able to take it right into game action (Monday) and be pretty consistent with it. That’s encouraging.”

Moskos tossed two scoreless innings Monday against the Orioles and gave up an infield single to the only lefty batter he faced, Nick Markakis. Although Moskos is upbeat about his progress, manager Clint Hurdle is taking a more cautious approach.

“He’s only thrown one time … I need to see it (more oftren) in games,” Hurdle said. “You see a lot of good work done on the side and in the cage. Heck, I could hit good b.p. When you transition to the game, that’s what we’re looking for. What I did see was still a good sinker, he handled the right-handers pretty well. The one left-handed hitter, he did throw one slider up in the zone and Markakis topped it to the right side. He didn’t get off the mound and cover. We need to look for those opportunities where he can face a couple more left-handed hitters.”

An opportunity arose in the seventh inning today — and it showed Moskos still has work to do. Moskos started the inning against Markakis, who legged out an infield single to the left side. That was enough for Hurdle, who immediately replaced Moskos with Chris Resop.