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Postgame: Tabata up and limping


Jose Tabata was limping, but he walked out of the Pirates’ clubhouse under his own power after today’s 4-2 loss against the Red Sox. A team source told me that the early indications are Tabata will certainly have to miss at least a couple of games, but might be able to return to the lineup by week’s end.

Tabata injured his left quadriceps while running out a bunt single in the first inning. He limped a few steps past the bag, then collapsed. After being examined briefly by head athletic trainer Brad Henderson, Tabata was taken off the field on a motorized cart.

Tabata will be re-examined Monday to determine the severity of the injury. It’s possible the injury is worse than thought after the first diagnosis. It’s also a tricky injury, one that’s easy to reinjury — just look at what’s happened to Pedro Alvarez, who’s been down since May 19 after straining, and then re-tweaking, his right quad.

Even if Tabata does not have to go on the disabled list, help is on the way from Triple-A Indianapolis. Before the game, the Pirates had already decided to promote outfielder Alex Presley for the three-game, interleague series in Toronto, which begins Tuesday. Pedro Ciriaco is the top candidate to head back to Indy when Presley is recalled.



  1. joel says:

    It’s too bad that Tabata was injured today. I though he was the one chip along with a starting pitcher [not named Correia, Morton, and Karstens] that could have netted a SS. Elvis Presley could lead off and play left.

    When Boston gave the Pirates a catcher I guessed tha was the start of a trade that was being worked on. I firgued that Boston was looking for a starter for next year to replace Wakefield. Well, Boston is out of town and no deal was announced. Their tall lefty looked sharp and hit 94 on the gun all afternoon.

  2. Drew71 says:

    So…will anyone even notice if Ciriaco goes?

    I’m just asking.

  3. yinzer says:

    Rob –

    Was there any grumbling from the dugout over the two McCutchen misplays in the fourth that led to Saltalamacchia’s “double” and the rainbow throw to third? No one mentioned the fact that Cutch half-azzed getting to the ball in the gap and lollipopped the throw to second letting the fleet-footed catcher in with a double. So maybe that play is a bit subjective and there is room for interpretation. The sac fly and the airmailed toss are inexcusable. Fundamental baseball. Hit the cut-off man!

    The pirates won the series mainly because they played more sound fundamental baseball in the first two games. They took advantage of poor fielding and errors committed by the Red Sox highly compensated roster. Yesterday’s game was the Pirates turn for mental errors and a good parting gift to send the Sox back to Boston.

  4. DCBill says:

    “Cutch’s” play–primarily his throws–bothered me, as well.

    He’s better at his position than anyone else we have, but he still chases too many curves or sliders in the dirt, after letting juicy fastballs go by early.

    The guy who is in a batting slump is Walker, whose productive bat we need.

    When Clemente famously ignored “first pitches,” it was with an air of disdain telling the pitcher, in effect, “When I am ready, I’ll hit anything you throw, no matter what it is or where it is.”

    When today’s Buccos sit back on that first down the middle fast ball, it’s like they are not prepared to swing and then put themselves in a hole.

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