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Pregame: Mystery injury


Left fielder Alex Presley, still bothered by his mysterious thumb injury, is not in the lineup again today. The Pirates identify the injury as a “contusionm,” which could cover a whole range of maladies. Presley offered a bit more — but not much — clarificiation this morning.

“It’s kind of a nerve thing,” Presley said. “I don’t want to get too much into it. It’s not your standard bruise on the hand. Other than icing it, there’s not a whole lot you can do. I guess I’ll have to wait it out.”

Presley said x-rays were negative. Manager Clint Hurdle said Presley has seen two doctors, but did not elaborate.

According to Presley, the injury happened during an at-bat Friday. “It’s happened before, but not that way. It’s very odd,” Presley said. Since then, he’s lost grip strength and cannot properly hold a bat.

»»» The Pirates would have to draw more than 40,000 fans today to break the franchise attendance record for a three-game series. Not gonna happen. Still, they’ve drawn 77,592 for the first two games against the Cards. If today’s game is a sellout, this series will surpass the 108,807 total from the Phillies series and move into fifth place in PNC Park history. Eight of the past 14 games have been sold out, for a total of 12 this season.

Lineups for today’s game:

Cardinals (53-47) – 1. Ryan Theriot ss, 2. Jon Jay lf, 3. Albert Pujols 1b, 4. Lance Berkman rf, 5. Colby Rasmus cf, 6. Skip Schumaker 2b,, 7. Gerald Laird c, 8. Daniel Descalso ss, 9. Kyle Lohse rhp (8-7, 3.45)

Pirates (51-47) – 1. Chase d’Arnaud 3b, 2. Matt Diaz lf, 3. Neil Walker 2b, 4. Andrew McCutchen cf, 5. Lyle Overbay 1b, 6. Garrett Jones rf, 7. Ronny Cedeno ss, 8. Eric Fryer c, 9. Charlie Morton rhp (8-5, 3.62)



  1. Bill says:

    Does this injury to Presley do anything to add more offensive help in the OF?

  2. Kevin In Indy says:

    Convinced it’s a conspiracy. Bingo Bob doesn’t want this team to win — he’d have to add salary. Presley was too successful, so they sat him. Nutting is Rachel Phelps from Major Leagues — in a dorky sort of kid who got beat up in the back of the school bus sort of way.

  3. Paul says:

    The outfield isn’t where this offense needs help, first base in the the biggest hole in the lineup with Overbay has been a complete disaster. Hopefully this injury DOESN’T add to any pressure to acquire an outfielder because most of the names mentioned would be a complete disaster … beginning with the light hitting Hunter Pence who’s merely mediocre numbers are considerably worse when he’s hitting outside of Houston.

    I’ve been pretty supportive of Huntington’s approach to rebuilding the team but is failure to offer either Pena or Berkman a contract in the off season to avoid the very problem they’re facing today and some of the names of players he’s rumored to be interested in are really big disappointments so far.

  4. Chuck H. says:

    Supposed injury to Presley is unfortunate, if true. He is the second coming of Andrew McCutchen, so with all their good doctors, why can’t they fix him up so he can get back in the lineup?
    I agree that the problem is at first base. Overbay was supposed to be the power and clean-up hitter. All he does mostly is strikeout or hit a grounder to an infielder. Most pitchers can do that. I would let Overbay go and replace him with a free agent who can hit and play first base. Go Buccos!!!

  5. BeatEmBucs says:

    The Pirates are in the pennant race, the beat writer is at the U2 concert and we get stuck with an AP game stories.

    And people wonder why the newspaper business is in the dumpster.

  6. Paul says:

    I’ve already done the work for Neal Huntington and found him the answer to first base. A big slugging, first baseman who walks a lot but hasn’t hit for average not unlike Carlos Pena in KC named Kila Ka’aihue. The Royals are going to lose him after this as he’ll be a minor league free agent and he’s fallen behind Hosmer and Butler on the Royals depth chart so if Huntington offers any sort of prospect for him he can probably be had.

    He’s ready to step in and drop a bunch of home runs in the river behind McCutchen I’d bet anything.

  7. Chuck H. says:

    That umpire (Means) had better see an eye specialist. That runner was out by 3 feet-
    it was so obvious, in fact, he ran into McHenry, who held on to the ball. I suppose he wanted the game over, as it was like two games.
    The Pirates had a chance to score the go ahead run in the ninth inning, with Walker on second and one out. But, of course.our two so called sluggers (Jose, who belongs back in Indianapolis and Lyle, who never did belong here with Pittsburgh) were easy outs,
    Jose, who apparently doesn’t know the strike zone, and Lyle, hit his usual ground ball to the second baseman. I had a feeling that we were going to lose, because we con’t score runs. Anyhow, go Pirates!!!

  8. Chuck H. says:

    The umpire’s name is Meals, not Means. I made a mistake. but not as bad a one as

  9. Chuck H. says:

    Once again, the hitless and runless wonders showed up. I cannot believe that they have so many automatic outs in their lineup. And most of the season, when a home run is hit, no one is on base. Congratulations to the pitching staff for keeping them in the race, so far. Even the best pitcher cannot pitch a shutout every time.
    And what’s this with ” fancypants” Beltran, not wanting to sign with the Pirates. I hope he strikes out every at bat with whomever he signed with. All I know is that we cannot put up with a first baseman who is hitting .230 and a third baseman hitting .210 and not even fielding his position very well.
    Apparently, no deal is going to be made for a proven hitter. Nutting and Huntington are going to stand pat, which won’t make us a contender for very long.

  10. joel says:

    Pedro should still be at Indy based on his output in the last two games. In the 19 inning game he was 1 for 7 and in tonights game in his first three ABs he stranded 5 out of six runners. The sad part of the one RBI he hit a weak ground out to the 1st basemen to chase one run home.

    I can see why the Pirates FO wanted him to stay at Indy and if Presley was not injured thats right were he would be. The Pirates need an another bat in the lineup to drive in runs in a bad way. The Pirates should have taken two out of three with the Cards and three out of four with the Braves. The Braves have good pitching but lack hitting. Nate McClough and Hinske???? Pirate rejects!!!!!

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