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Jones, McGehee under contract


GarrettJonesThe Pirates won their arbitration case today against Garrett Jones and settled with Casey McGehee shortly before their hearing was scheduled to begin. Jones will make $2.25 million this season instead of the $2.5 million he had requested. McGehee got a one-year contract worth $2.5375 million, which is the midpoint of the salary figures submitted for arbitration.

Since the salary arbitration process was created in 1974, the Pirates are 10-10 in hearings. Overall, clubs have won 291 out of 505 cases (57.6 percent) against players. Today marked the first arby triumph for GM Neal Huntington, who last year lost his case against righty Ross Ohlendorf. Ohlendorf, you’ll recall, went on to have a forgettable season marked by injury and ineffectiveness and was non-tendered this offseason. Today, he signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox.



  1. Van Man says:

    The Buccos can’t break .500 in arbitration hearings let alone on the field. Now how sad is THAT?

  2. Lady Di says:

    We should have signed Fukodome on the cheap. Might have been a good bench player and possible starter. Once again, Neal was asleep at the wheel.

  3. Van Man says:

    What does a Frank Coonelly do for a living?

  4. chris says:

    Would you sit Tabata or Presley to play Fukudome? Nate Mclouth is about the same so I wouldn’t say he was asleep at the wheel…

    And I don’t think its sad that we’re .500 on arbitration cases because nobody cares

  5. Lady Di says:

    I’d sit McLouth, Tabata and Presley. Fukodome has a much better resume than all of them. He’s a spray hitter who could do very well at PNC Park.

  6. chris says:

    His resume is that he’ll have an OPS of .760 with a lot of that coming from walks. Tabata’s career ops would be .731, presley’s is .784, and mclouth’s is .764. Even if Fukudome has a great year I’d still rather start presley and tabata because they are young and could actually help the team in the future. You really want Fukudome for a one year contract so we can maybe win one more game?

  7. Lady Di says:

    I would play Tabata and Fukodome at the corner spots and bat them one-two in the order. Presley doesn’t have the durability to play regularly. BTW, Fukodome has a .388 OBP at PNC Park and can be the kind of table-setter we lack right now.

  8. Ryan (Nor Cal Stlrfan) says:

    Fukodome?? Are you fukodome serious?? Have you watch that guy play? No, I’ll take the outfield as is. Much rather have Nate than….Oh I don’t even want to type his name again, I feel dirty.

  9. Fillet_Mimnaw says:

    What if we just fore go third base since we can’t seem to find a suitable stop-gap and go back to little league style and play four outfielders? Then we can have three average at best players (Tabata, McLouth, & Pressley) and one with high potential in Cutch all on the field. Play the corner spots up to provide extra insurance defensively and let Cutch and another speedster cover the deep stuff.

    Perhaps I just need more coffee before the optimistic side of me kicks in. I hope Pittsburgh sports fans realize, we make fun of the Browns for saying – next year, wait until next year! I for one should be ashamed to admit I’ve said it quite frequently over the past two decades.

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