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Burnett deal in final stages


In about 48 hours, pitchers and catchers will hold their first official spring training workout at Pirate City in Bradenton, Fla. Many of the fellas, including several position players, already are there and busy on the fields. And, there is every indication that right-hander A.J. Burnett will soon join them. ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted that the proposed trade between the Pirates and Yankees has been sent to the commissioner’s office for approval. The Bucs will send two low-level minor leaguers to the Yanks and also will pick up about $13 million of Burnett’s salary.

»»» Righty Ross Ohlendorf told the Boston Herald that playing for the Pirates was fine when he needed a way to break into the majors, but he figures joining the Red Sox will have even better benefits. “When I got traded to Pittsburgh (from the Yankees in 2008), at the point where I was in my career, it was a really good opportunity,” Ohlendorf said. “But I feel like now, I’m really excited about having the opportunity to compete for a World Series. Obviously, the Red Sox are that caliber of team every year.” Ohlendorf signed a minor league deal with the Sox yesterday. He’ll go to camp as a starter, but could be shifted to a bullpen role.

»»» Pirates Charities will hold its second annual “Pirates 5K Home Run” on April 21. Runners can participate individually or in teams, and there also is a one-mile family fun run. Last year’s event raised $68,000. To register, go to or call 412-325-4776.



  1. Leefoo says:

    Quick Quiz……in their last two full years of starting, who had the better ERA? Duke or Burnett. If you said Zach, you win the prize.

    Does that put his “K-ness” into perspective now?


  2. Lady Di says:

    Face it — almost nobody good wants to play in smaller markets, so the Buccos get the leftovers. Isn’t MLB great!

  3. Big John says:

    Here’s some different perspective…..

    Different leagues, different division, different scenario.

    Is A.J. a gift from the baseball Gods? Nope.

    Is he the second calling of Matt Morris? Nope. He’s not that either.

    Is he a signing that could reap immediate benefits for the Pirates? Yep. It could.

    As well as the light bulb “could” come on in Alvarez’s head at any minute.

    Could. Will it? At least the Bucco’s FO is making an effort to do something rather than sign minor leaguer’s

  4. jefft says:

    Fine, call me easily impressed, but I still think Burnett’s gonna do just fine in the NL Central as opposed to pitching against the AL. And I don’t think he’s going to turn into Matt Morris, Pt. 2. Yes, I’ve heard about the statement that he has to be treated with kid gloves…not like any athlete in this town has ever had that said about him.

  5. Mike says:

    Got to give them credit for trying! I like this deal, and no matter the ERA, the man eats innings!

  6. Jay Walker says:

    I want to be at the ballpark when Burnett tells Hurdle to perform a physical impossibility on himself.

  7. Van Man says:

    So we should give the Pirates credit because they’re trying? Is Dejan serious? When do we hold the parade?

  8. Poor Panthers 2012 says:

    Burnett is a nice addition to this club. The pirates actually went out seeking to ADD an mlb player and salary to the team for this year. Kudos to them for doing so…I guess they really are trying. Can anyone now make an arguement against that?

    Please spare me the “oh, they’re just adding to the payroll at a certain level to playcate the fans…” it can’t be both ways. Either Nutting is an absolute bottom-line guy or he really is interested in putting a good team on the field. Interestingly enough, he can have both…A competetive team and make a few bucks in the process.

  9. Big John says:

    “So we should give the Pirates credit because they’re trying? Is Dejan serious? When do we hold the parade?”

    Not sure what you expect. Maybe it is because I truly believe the Pirtaes “ARE” trying.
    I think the FO is sincere in the efforts to field a winner. Will that be enough? Well, after 19 years of losing I’d be a fool to think what we have done will be enough. The parade?
    Maybe if Mark Cuban acquired the team when he wanted we could talk about a parade.
    Wear your Bucco’s gear to the upcoming St. Patricks Day Parade. That’s as close as you’ll get for a long while.

  10. Lady Di says:

    Excuse me, but I thought millionaire owners and presidents and GMs should be expected to try all the time. It shouldn’t be the reason for sports columns.

    What next — Pirate Lose Again, But They Tried Really Hard!”?

  11. Van Man says:

    Lady Di: Make me LMMFAO!

  12. BigDaddyHoss says:

    I would like to respond to the article on Bob Nutting in the Trib this morning. I don’t want to see this newspaper or anyone else interview Nutting without being willing to ask the tough questions. All the article this morning did was allow Nutting to spread his manure of propaganda about being patient and not spending money while he continues to rake in tremendous revenue and lie to the fan base. This insults our intelligence.

    I consider myself a fairly well informed Pirate fan, and I find it annoying to have this kind of piece ran in the paper when all it does is allow Nutting appear to be a sympathetic character as he is so upset after every loss. What a load of bunk!

    Why not ask questions like;

    1. With the spike in attendance and the new stadium that was supposed to bring in such revenue, why do the Pirates continue to spend well below their market peers in Milwaukee and Cincinatti on the Major League Level? And don’t give me the draft money ploy. And yes they made some cosmetic trades, but not anything with any major impact.

    2. Why do we have to settle for Milwaukee’s left-overs like Casey McGee when the Brewers get Aramis Ramirez, whom Pittuburgh could easily made a push at. Even if they would have had to overspend, how much better would the major league club be?

    Ask the hardball questions or don’t do an article at all.

  13. Van Man says:

    Alvarez, Bedard, Burnett — what a lovely clubhouse …

  14. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Hey, Ross, before you play for the World Series, you have to earn a spot on the Red Sox roster, remember?

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