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Busy day ahead for Morton

BRADENTON, Fla. –Right-hander Charlie Morton will throw his first live batting practice today. He’s scheduled to toss BP again Saturday. About an hour before he climbs on the mound, Morton will square off against top-seeded Kevin Correia in the pitchers’ bunting tournament. “I’m focused. I’m ready,” Morton joked. The winner faces either Rudy Owens or Jeff Karstens in the third round.

»»» Clint Barmes won the “execution game” in which players got points for situational hitting — sacrifice bunts, slug bunts, shooting the four-hole, scoring from third and such. Barmes racked up 103 points, followed by Nate McLouth (100), Neil Walker and Josh Harrison (98 apiece)

»»» Paging Dr. Gooby … Trevor Gooby, the Pirates’ director of Florida operations, delivered a baby last night at McKechnie Field. During an event for fans at the ballpark, a woman slumped to the ground in obvious pain and Gooby ran over to see if he could help. With an ambulance on the way, Gooby asked stadium workers to gather towels and sterile gloves just in case. Moments later, the baby’s head emerged and Gooby completed the delivery. Both mother and the newborn are doing fine at Manatee Memorial Hospital.

»»» This morning, the entire team is gathered to hear minister and motivational speaker Joe Ehrmann, a former defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions.

»»» Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl will arrive in Bradenton today to huddle with local officials and business leaders. Ravenstahl is expected to attend the Pirates’ game Saturday against the Blue Jays in Dunedin.


  1. Motivational speaker? Reminds me of the scene in ‘The Natural’.

  2. “Losing is a Disease…..”

  3. Forget Joe Ehrmann. Bring in Jack Lambert, dammit. That’ll rattle their @#$%^&*()_+! cages!

  4. Hey, Rob, is it true that Coonelly will pour the first beer at the McKechnie Park opener?

  5. Is Lukie down there for “Putz Day”?

  6. I’m pretty sure joe ehrrman gave a speech to all the guys at my high school about 5 years ago… He was pretty good!

  7. “8 and 16, 8 and 16…how did we win 8?”

  8. Didn’t Rudy Owens used to be our future? That’s why I don’t buy all this b.s. about the farm system and player development.

  9. Burnett hit on head by batted ball, x-rays reveal nothing.

  10. J-Walk — LMMFAO!

  11. Van Man: Yeah, Jack Splat, baby!

  12. @lady di…stay classy! and it’s a GOOD thing that Owens has been surpassed as a prospect in the farm system and shows actual progress…not the other way around

  13. PoorPanthers: How is it good that our top pitching prospect only one year ago is a has-been now? That’s progress? Are you OK?

  14. Great news! We’re only 20 more wild card spots away from the playoffs!

  15. We owe $13 million to a washed-up, 35-year-old pitcher with a broken orbital and a horsespit attitude.

    Great work as usual, Neal.

  16. Huntington is a pea-brain wannabe. Can’t think of a better way to explain it on a public Web site. Far worse are the guys who hired him.

  17. @van man it means that yes owens has fizzled and he’s nowhere near a top prospect, but it’s more a function of a number of high-end arms that are in the system now….i.e. tailon, cole, heredia, etc…if he was still a top arm prospect, the buccos would be in real trouble. 5 years ago that would’ve been the case, which is why the pirates franchise is where it is today.

  18. JoeBucco — You raise a great point. How can there be so many staff writers and so little production here? Doesn’t add up.

  19. Seriously? You removed my post? You should spend more time writing about the Pirates. Believe me, I’d love to spend more time here. But your coverage is terrible.

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