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Morton disappointed in first outing


The final play of the game took up a lot of room in the game story, but here’s a little on Charlie Morton’s first start of the game. He was somewhat disappointed in how it went, mainly because of the second inning in which the Giants scored two to tie the game.
“It was just a mediocre outing,” he said. “Kind of squandered the offense that we had. We had an opportunity to win that game early so to give a lead up, it’s just not good.”
Morton saw mostly left-handed hitters, and he did say he was pleased with how he was able to adjust to them.
“I threw a lot of cutters, a lot of curveballs,” he said. “After the second inning I might have thrown one or two sinkers. I was forcing the cutter in and I think it was a good adjustment, but instead of doing that I’d like to throw my sinker in some of those counts. Maybe a front-door sinker just to keep the feel going for it.”
Morton threw 71 pitches, 50 for strikes.
= Clint Barmes was ready and waiting to talk to reporters tonight, despite ample time and opportunity to sneak off and not deal with us. That isn’t always the case with professional athletes, and we generally point out when guys who impacted the game negatively don’t stick around afterward. Credit where credit’s due.
= Also lost in the ninth-inning goings-on…Watson, Cruz and Grilli all did a solid job in relief in the sixth, seventh and eighth innings, respectively. Cruz still has an ERA of 0.00. Resop took the loss (0-1) but is also at 0.00. Watson’s at 3.38 and Grilli is at 2.25.
= Pirates were 1-for-7 with runners in scoring position tonight. They were 0-for-14 before that going back to Andrew McCutchen’s hit against the Phillies on Sunday.



  1. John Lease says:

    Let’s hope last night wasn’t the Pirates quota of runs for the next 3 games. Offense looked at least somewhat alive last night, game didn’t seem hopeless.

  2. John G says:

    The hitting is still a problem. Yes there have been some hard hit balls to the fielders but also a lot of strikeouts in the games they have played. They will have to get more hitting than for the most part just McCutcheon, McGhee, and some from Presly if they are going to be at least a .500 team or close to it. McGhee is hitting well but he was acquired mostly as insurance in case Alvrez slumps which he currently is doing and to occasionally play first base.

  3. Leefoo says:

    All we need is Pedro and his 63% K rate in the game today. (insert sarcasm icon).


  4. Stuart says:

    Boy, the offense is really hard to watch right now. We need a good psych coach. It looks to me like our hitters are going up to the plate expecting to fail. Pedro, in particular, looks like he is putting most of his effort into LOOKING nonplussed by anything. Maybe a good psych artist could help him channel his aggressions (if he has any) into hating, and wanting to destroy the baseball with his bat. If he could just channel Yogi Berra, or even Smokey Burgess, both notorious bad-ball hitters, he could really get it together. To me, the worst sin in baseball for a hitter is taking strike three with the bat on your shoulder, and it seems to me that Pedro lets far too many strikes go by. Swing Away Pedro! If you strike out swinging, it at least looks like you’re into the game.


  5. Mike says:

    Thanks for the Barmes mention. Seems like a stand-up guy.

  6. Paul says:

    @Leefoo of course, it’s all on Alvarez, right.

    The fact that the entire team is dead last in the majors in ever meaningful offensive category, that’s Alvarez right?

    The combined .180 on base percentage an one (1) walk amongst the four guys who’ve hit in the top two spots in the order, that’s Alvarez’s fault.

    Neil Walker’s .090 batting average, zero (0) extra base hits, zero (0) walks, zero (0) RBIs and eight (8) men left on base when hitting FOURTH behind Andrew McCutchen with a .406 on base percentage, that’s certainly Alvarez’s fault as well.

    When the four horsemen of the apocalypse of this offense, Presely, Tabata, Walker and McLouth actually collect ONE single, solitary extra base let alone match Alvarez’s lone home run, then maybe we can take a close look at what Pedro is doing.

    Alvarez’s one (1) home run of course being part of a team total of three (3) which is not only dead last in the majors but equal to or less than the totals of free agent hitters, Carlos Pena, Josh Willingham and Carlos Beltran each of which signed this past off season for less than the combined salaries of Barmes, Barajas, McClouth and McGehee… Alvarez’s doing as well?

    The thing this team really doesn’t need is another lineup posted by a manager whose devotion to the ancient baseball religion of small ball is ultimately the real problem. Followed closely by a GM who willingly indulges his cronyism by giving multi year contracts the likes of Clint Barmes while making no attempt what so ever to secure one decent hitter for the offense.

    Why anybody is the least bit surprised by the results so far is beyond me. Small ball produces small results and in 2012 that means loses and plenty of them. It should be no wonder at this point why free agent pitchers continue to turn down more money from the Pirates and chose to play elsewhere.

  7. mike says:

    The problem with the Pirates is that can’t play small ball, when is the last time the Pirates score a run in an inning without a hit in the inning. The manager is not everything everyone thinks, why would you use your only lefty in an inning that means nothing, you can’t then use him later in situation pitching. Why as organization do send down a guy who has a great spring and is a former number one pick and could give you two lefty’s in the bullpen. Why do send down to the minors a guy that led you in home runs in the spring and has help you win one of your games to keep a backup infielder who is hitting .000. 20 years and counting. Hopefully the Pens will buy the Pirates and we finally get a real big league team. Oh by the why that can’t play homer ball either, long season. Thanks Mr. Commissioner, why not do what baseball did to the former owner of the Reds, make the Pirates sale. Best interest of baseball.

  8. Paul says:


    Unfortunately this one of the long standing problems with the Pirates organization which is they focus their attention and spend money on “upstanding guys,” local fan favorites and “intangibles” rather than on players who can actually produce.

    I’d rather have Carlos Pena or Carlos Beltran being aloof and ignoring the good old boys in the local sports media than yet another in a loooooong line of can’t hit shortstops that cozy up to them.

    With the pitching we’ve seen so far if either of those guys and a few more like Michael Cuddyer has been singed instead this team would probably be 6-2 and leading the division instead of the reverse.

  9. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    @Paul- With the 3 guys you mentioned for FA signings. Do any of them play SS? Maybe they should’ve spent all the money on Jose Reyes. Oh wait, they can’t afford him either.

    Must be Pedro’s fault.

  10. Ryan (Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    Overall I didn’t think Charlie threw that bad. Nice to see how critical he is on himself. I like that with a player, always want to improve and not give the cliche’ answers.

    Minus the throw on Barmes’ part last night, he’s played real solid in the field. Every hit that went that way with Ronny Cedeno there was a cringe and waited to see what happened, not so much with Barmes. His bat will come around. I feel the same way with Barajas behind the plate. He is a all or nothing type of hitter. They both have hit some balls hard, they’ll find their holes. But nobody should expect either on of these guys to hit .300.

    Given the alternatives in the offseason via FA, these 2 guys were decent signings and they may still wind up that way.

    This is the hardest stretch of games the Pirates have to make throughout the season. They are facing 6-7 of the top 10 Cy Young Award vote getters, including the 2011 winner.

    Its early, there’s a lot of games still left to play. This is a tough stretch, no doubt.

  11. Chuck H. says:

    What the H— are they thinking, sending Mat Hague down. You would think there were others more deserving to be sent to the minors. At least, Hague was a threat to hit the ball, unlike Fat Pedro, who never hits the ball. Management is exactly why this team is worse than last year’s. I guess as long as they can get people to come to the games, they are happy. We’re lucky to win 50 games this year!!!

  12. Paul says:


    They don’t play short stop and that’s precisely the point as we’ve come to see neither does Clint Barmes.

    It’s the misplaced priorities of the organization and it’s manager that with such glaring holes in its that it spent any money at all, let alone 10.5 million over two years to acquire any short stop at all. Not to mention a fifth outfielder and a stop gap catcher.

    Not one of the guys they signed in the off season is any better that players who are currently in the organization and could have filled their roles for league minimum. Smart, successful contending organization don’t spend 15 million dollars for players that contribute at the same level six figure players do and that money would have been better spent filling real needs instead.

    Chase d’Arnaud may not be the second coming of Cal Ripken Jr, but he can hit .115 and boot balls around the infield for league minimum just as “well” as Barmes does for 5 million.

  13. Paul says:


    Cllint Barmes, Rod Barajas, Nate McClouth and Casey McGehee are never, never have, never will, produce the offense that is lacking and the main obstacle to this team becoming a contender.

    Many, many teams over the years have won divisions and world series with a light hitting short stop and/or catcher. None has ever done so without a minimum of two guys who can draw 90 or more walks and slug over .500

  14. Ron says:

    The offense is pitiful. I agree with all the comments on our free agent signings. There were players available who could have helped. Did our front office even make an effort? Just the usual band aid signings. Good thing extra innings free week is over, I will not be tempted to watch and get mad anymore.

  15. Ron says:

    One other thing. Not sure how effective our hitting coach is? OK not very would be a better assessment. Maybe time for change?

  16. Pants-n-at says:

    McGehee is doing ok but Barmes has been a step down from Cedeno…at a higher cost! That move made no sense to me. And I don’t like that they sent Hague down but at least he’ll get more ABs. He’ll be back.

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