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ST. LOUIS – The Pirates are in the process of filing a formal complaint with MLB regarding the inconsistent strike zone of umpire Angel Campos in Wednesday’s game. A ball call on a low pitch to Carlos Beltran upset catcher Rod Barajas and manager Clint Hurdle, who both were ejected. It was just the third overall ejection (and the second for arguing balls and strikes) for Barajas, a 13-year veteran. The formal complaint cannot change anything about the game, but it could be used in future evaluations of Campos’ job performance. Conversely, Hurdle cautioned, a club that consistently files complaints about umpires could be viewed as being too whiny by folks in the MLB office.

»»» A.J. Burnett isn’t going to dwell on the 12-run beatdown he suffered last night. “I stunk. There’s nothing more I can say,” Burnett said. “You move forward. I know what happened. It’s just a matter of getting into the bullpen (Friday) and getting my pitches going back downhill, where they belong, and taking the ball again in five days.”

In his April 21 season debut, Burnett handcuffed the Cardinals for seven innings. The righty allowed three hits, zero runs and got seven strikeouts. Last night’s line: 2.2 innings, 12 hits, 12 runs, one walk, two strikeouts. “I didn’t make any adjustments,” Burnett said. “I was up the whole game. They made adjustments early from my previous start against them. Good teams will do that. I couldn’t get anything down. No matter where you pitch or who you pitch against, if it’s up, it’s going to get hammered. I was yanking curveballs and hitting guys in the feet. Nothing had downward plane.”

»»» St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz offered this gem in today’s paper: “The final score was 12-3, running the Cardinals’ two-game total to 22 runs in their two victories over the Pirates, who may summon James Harrison, Troy Polamalu and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense to provide protection in today’s series finale.” Miklasz wasn’t just poking fun. His point was that even without the Pujols guy, the Cards have a fearsome offense. To wit, they have outscored opponents 60-19 in the first three innings of games this season. “That isn’t baseball,” Miklasz wrote, “That’s a mugging of a defenseless starting pitcher.”

»»» Looking for a bright side? The bullpen scattered five hits over 5.1 scoreless innings. That lowered the pen’s ERA to 2.83. Only two NL clubs, the Padres (2.56) and Reds (2.69), have lower ERAs by their relievers. Juan Cruz, who tossed a scoreless eighth inning last night, has not allowed a run in 9.1 innings. That’s the longest shutout stretch by a Pirates reliever this season.

»»» Brad Lincoln, who tossed 2.1 innings last night, is the only Pirates reliever who is unavailable for this afternoon’s game.

Game 25: Pirates @ Cardinals, 1:45 p.m. ET

Pirates (10-13): 1. Jose Tabata rf, 2. Alex Presley lf, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, . Neil Walker 2b, 5. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 6, Garrett Jones 1b, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Michael McKenry c, 9. Erik Bedard lhp (1-4, 2.48)

Cardinals (16-8): 1. Rafael Furcal ss, 2. Jon Jay cf, 3. Matt Holliday lf, 4. David Freese 3b, 5. Allen Craig 1b, 6. Shane Robinson rf, 7. Tyler Greene 2b, 8. Tony Cruz c, 9. Jake Westbrook rhp (3-1, 1.30)



  1. Black n Gold (not yellow) says:

    They, absolutely, should file a complaint against Campos. The strike zone today was nearly as bad. Westbrook was consistently getting pitches well outside the zone to either side. Luckily, Bedard was able to make the hitters look bad with his stuff.

  2. Chuck H. says:

    I don\’t get to watch many Pirate games on TV, since I live in Arizona. I do try to view them daily via computer, which is like watching paint dry, but at least I know what is going on. I don\’t know if the box over home plate is an accurate indication of the pitch location, but I\’ve seen many such pitches near the middle of this box that were called balls, mainly against Pirate pitchers, or so it seems. Certain umpires seem to miss a lot of calls, like the one against the Dodgers the other day. The firstbaseman\’s foot was two feet from the bag, when the runner got there. Makes you wonder what he was watching or thinking.

  3. RobertoForever says:

    Wow, Miklasz wrote that?

    He was right……except that Burnett beat them hadnily last time out, in his debut with the Pirates coming off injury.

    Poetic license, and not reflective of all the facts. Just the ones that sell papers in St Louis.

  4. RobertoForever says:

    Chuck H.

    Its not just you. Go to and pull up the Pitch f/x tab.

    You can see all the pitches using the same data as the MLB HQ uses to evaluate umpires.

    Barajas was 100% RIGHT!! He had a low strike called on him in the AB he had just prior to this situation, thrown by Lynn a rookie starter. Then, on an 0-2 count, Burnett, who is a Major league, World Series winning veteran, DOES NOT get the call on the same pitch. Rod was right to question it.

    Also, google Angel Campos, and see how many very bad situations he has found himself in, the last 12 months. Astros, Angels and White Sox I believe. And not just balls and strikes. All the positions for an ump.

    Also, on that pitch f/x for the Burnett game. Check out the FIVE pitches that were balls that Lynn got called IN THE FIRST THREE INNINGS as strikes by Campos. Then look at Burnett’s pitches, and THREE that were clearly in the stike zone were called balls by Campos.

    And yes, there were no controversial ball/strike calls after that. Why would there be, when the game is over at 12-2.

    Campos deserves to be sent back to Triple-A…..or even Low-A. He needs help and maybe not just help with his umping.

  5. Does anyone expect this team to win with a cast off at catcher and at shortstop. This regime does not have a clue,all they are interested in is speed,speed and speed,this scouting system stinks to high heaven.they will not sign good hitting prospects that do not run exceptionaly well
    This is a very poor team with decent pitching. A good athletic in center that hot dogs and is not in the game at times

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