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Leyland says Bonds not so tough


Jim Leyland admits was “in a total fog” immediately after the Pirates’ stunning loss to the Braves in Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS. Leyland discussed his time as the Pirates’ manager with Bob Costas in an interview that will air at 2 p.m. Saturday on MLB Network. “The ’92 loss was probably the toughest I’ve ever suffered and it was a very interesting scenario,” Leyland said. “I said it at the time, and I still think about it today, this whole picture flashed in my mind (of) a Little League World Series. It was almost reduced to that, like a Little League game, where one side’s jumping up and down and one side’s crying. It was unbelievable.”

Leyland also had this to say about Barry Bonds: “I saw a lot of good things in Barry. … He’s not as tough as he lets on. I think he’s one of those guys that it was a motivational tool for him to upset people, to make them mad at him. He was coachable and he was manageable. A lot of people didn’t think so, but it depended on how you coached him. Barry was one of those guys where he was very coachable, but you had to let him think it was his idea.”

»»» A group of 83 veterans from the Wounded Warriors Project and their families will be guests of the Pirates at tonight’s game against the Royals. Most of the vets are Marines from K Company, 3rd Battalion, who trained Iraqi security forces and battled insurgents in the Al Anbar Province. Tonight will be the first time many of the Marines have seen each other since returning from their tours of duty in Iraq.



  1. John G says:

    The loss to the Braves in the playoffs that year was very disappointing and ranks right up there with the Penguins loss to the Islanders in a game 7 overtime loss in The Stanley Cup Playoffs when the Penguins were going for their third straight Stanley Cup and the Steelers only Super Bowl loss to the Cowboys. The goal by the Islanders was by one David Volek who I bet no one outside the Islanders and their
    fans have ever heard of before.
    Regarding Leyland I always liked the guy and wish him the best of course except
    when they play the Pirates. I remember a couple of good quotes from him when he managed the Pirates. One was after the Pirates played lousy in a loss early in his tenure as the Pirates manager. He said “If I was a fan today I would ask for my money back seeing how this team played today”. Another was regarding hitters strinking out. He said “You will never hear me complain to a player about striking out as long as they are taking good swings at good pitches. Of course I may have to take them out of the starting lineup if it happens too often but that’s how I feel about it”.
    Also liked how he told Bonds off about his bad performance during one spring traning that was caught on videotape and shown by I think ESPN. Of course again can never forget that heart breaking loss to the Braves in the playoffs. It was definetly a strange inning with Jose Lind’s rare error, awful tight strike zone by the umpire which made Stan Belinda throw more in the strike zone, slow footed Sid Bream scoring the winning run. I think a lot of people forget it was Barry Bonds throw which was not in time which was a factor in Sid Bream scoring the winning run. I kept telling myself during that game we will need more runs than we have to beat this team.
    Absolutely loved it when Leyland got his revenge against the Braves when his Florida Marlins team beat them in the World Series a few years later. Of course just wish Leyland would have been able to win a World series with the Pirates.

  2. Agree, about the Pirates and pens losses as ones I will never forget.But, 3 more than still, till this day, pull at my heart are: Game 7 in the (I believe) 1976 Stanley Cup against the Islanders after being up 3-0, The loss to San Deigo in the AFC championship game, where from the 2 yard line O’Donells pass hits foster in the hands in the middle of the end zone (still question that call), and the Denver (leading like 21-3 at half time), and Both New England AFC home championship game losses.

  3. Mark Z says:

    I was at my parents watching that game. My girlfriend was bored out of her mind and we kicked her out to the backyard. That bored her too, so she came back in right before C#$%&%$ sent the ball into left field. As Sid crossed the plate, her baseball IQ peaked, and she understood the game was over. “Oh well, let’s go to the mall now!” Despite this, I married her and we are still going strong. Not for as long as the losing streak that game started, but I’m confident the streak will end before my marriage does.

  4. Chief Ironside says:

    Why do Yinzers still pay homage to Jim Leyland as if he were Danny Murtaugh or Chuck Tanner?? When Leyland left in 1996, my response was Good Riddance!! Now Yinzers seem to see no wrong in Dick Le Beau!

    Anyway, I seem to like Leyland better in Detroit, but how soon until Prince Fielder makes him quit??

    LET’S GO BUCS!!!!!!

  5. buddy federer says:

    Ahh,, we lost 2 superbowls, Dallas AND Greenbay

  6. Pongo says:

    I was also living in ATL, and at a party, the only Buccos fan of course, and in the 9th, up 2-0, I was really yapping. When Sid slid, i ended up under a dogpile of about 12 people.
    It was awful, I knew right then that Bonds was gone, Bonilla had left already, and that was the end of that run. I drowned myself in beer misery, and the next day at work was just as bad. Everyone was yapping at me, rubbing it in. Had no idea it would kickoff 20 years of bad baseball, at least the Bucs finally may have a good team! Volek in ’93 was as bad. The Pens were 2 time champs, had won a (still!) record 17 straight, were playing a pretty good NYI team that had also lost their best forward, Pierre Turgeon on a cheapshot from Dale Hunter after he beat the Caps in OT. I still can’t figure out how the Pens lost that series.

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