Some fun, lots of frustration


As Karen Price wrote last night from New York, the 6-0 loss against the Mets officially knocked the Pirates out of contention for a wild card playoff berth with a week to go in the season. The Bucs also must win five of their final seven games merely to finish at .500 and avoid a 20th straight losing season. That all is quite a tumble from where the club was Aug. 1, when the division title (not merely a wild-card spot) was well withing reach and my Trib editors and I were mapping out how to chronicle what seemed to be an inevitable victory No. 82 and beyond. Around 7:30 this morning, I tweeted this message: “Playoffs? Nope. 82 wins? Doubtful. Tweeps: what, if anything, will you take from #Pirates 2012 season?” Within a half-hour, I had about 50 responses from a lot of other early-risers. All of y’nz make valid points and all in all summarize a season that was usually fascinating, occasionally enjoyable and ultimately frustrating.

@TheWestonSchism: the Pirates are the 2nd worst organization in sports behind the Cleveland Browns.

@Tim_REd24: Pedro’s 30 home runs and that we need another Pitcher. And to cut Barajas

@le_petwaah: one blissfully drunken afternoon thrashing of the giants. That’s about it. And DREW SUTTON

@Jay32600: Two players under age 26 (Cutch/Pedro) hit 30 HR and took steps forward offensively.

@Matt_Tobin: Questions about Pedro answered. 30 HR looking forward to future yrs for this squad.

@JimmyPatPie: pain and misery

@dropK1CK_ninJA: that people still love baseball in Pittsburgh

@JonathanwHooke: I learned that Nutting apparently embraces mediocrity. Until there are changes, this team will continue to struggle.

@mmmmmm_bacon: the best summer for the past 20 yrs. I was proud 2 be a Buc fan, and look forward to next season. They are on the verge.

@BarnThompson: time to stop giving this management team a pass #Collapse

@TheBlackStripe: Huge steps forward by Cutch, Pedro. Improvement by GJ. Walker looking more like 2010 than 2011.

@nikccj63: I will take the worst disappointment since 1992

@HotRodd323: that 162 games is too many. Shorten by 60 games and pirates will win division.

@jslagel3313: ’97 team went out and got Dunston. This group was worried about getting player control 4 players that AREN’T ANY GOOD

@NeilDavidParker: Baddealneal’s refusal to sign real free agents in offseason really hurt team. Also, all this minor league pitch depth joke

@JohnBalouris: McCutchen’s breakout season, Burnett coming back to form in a Pirates uniform. @Brick656: Smoke and mirrors. Had some good times at the Bowtie Bar though.

@bigPITThog: they are soft weak minded organization at the top and it effects rest of the squad

@CKapaun: A faint summer memory how beautiful baseball can be and the very useful phrase “SIT THE F**K DOWN”

@jtommarello: The memories of Zoltan #BUCN

@ChrisRBarron: a couple of really fun months, a couple of horribly frustrating months, and a recognition things have to change

@Samherron29: I’ll take progress and be happy. Only place to go is up, team on the rise.

@jslagel3313: worst experience of the last 20 yrs. Team in hunt at trade deadline, front office does NOTHING. Moves made team WORSE

@LetsGoBucs53: my life is still normal cuz i have never seen a winning season

@cscott530: proof that Cutch is a superstar, hope that Alvarez can be.

@JMRubes: Cutch’s incredible first half and the fact that if a winning season didn’t happen after a 60-44 start, it may never occur.

@ociardhubhain: not to fall for it again next season until after August

@jrgsstuff: The single most heart breaking season ever.

@jdprose: Two tote bags.

@SteelerJoe76: all and all pleased. This team overachieved this season. Some bright spots for next season.

@AmpPgh37: Until a complete regime change, owner on down, I won’t spend another dime on their product. This year sealed it for me.

@emmyohhh: the amazing feeling we all had in the summer. the hype of zoltan, #packpnc and much more. it was all incredibly fun

@jbull17: for the 1st time since Sid Bream I was checking Pirates scores in Sept.

@agoodstein: Lots of free T-shirts!

@jonstapel: that this team really over achieved in the middle and under achieved at the end

@JTognarine: it’ll be an interesting offseason

@AndrewBurchett: Progress?????