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July 24, 2013
by Travis Sawchik

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The 25 most valuable Pirates, pre trade deadline

  SOUTH HILLS COMMAND CENTER – With the trade deadline  a week away, I thought today was a good time to update our in-house evaluation of the 25 most valuable Pirates. Essentially, this is a list of trade value.   …

July 22, 2013
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Morning Mop-up Duty: sell tomorrow for today?

SOUTH HILLS COMMAND CENTER – While the Pirates avoided a sweep Sunday, the weekend was not how the club wanted to emerge from the break. And while one series is a small sample size, season-long issues continue to linger, namely …

July 19, 2013
by Travis Sawchik

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Pirates are apparently serious about South Side assets but should they be? (Lessons from the Brian Giles trade) … Closing time will be awfully difficult … and a travel observation

SOUTH HILLS COMMAND CENTER – It appears the Buc Nation pipedream that is Giancarlo Stanton-to-the-Pirates is drying up.   The Marlins believe their timetable to back to relevance has accelerated due to the better than expected performances of late and …

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