Pirates GM Neal Huntington speaks after quiet deadline


PNC PARK – It was a quiet a deadline for the Pirates, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the club as it was a seller’s market and prices for impact talent were high.


Still, could the Pirates have made a minor trade to help their bench? Was that a missed opportunity or is there enough help in the minor league system? We’ll see. But every asset was believed to be over-priced due to market conditions.


Pirates GM Neal Huntington met with reporters at 5 p.m. today and said the club was willing to do something “stupid” to improve, just not anything “insane”


Apparently, the asking prices for impact talent were insane.

Here’s some of what Neal Huntington had to say….


*What was atop the priority list?


NH: “We probably focused more energy on the offense, trying to add a bat. As you saw in the market, not many bats moved anywhere. It was a very shallow market, not only the offensive market, but the pitching market was arguably (the weakest) I’ve seen in 20 plus years in the game. There were a lot of teams that opted to hold.”


*What kind of offers were made?


“I made offers that made me incredibly uncomfortable  but we did so because we wanted to help this club. We knew going in it was a seller’s market. … We looked exhaustively.”


*Were you willing to trade multiple top 50 prospects for an impact bat?


(C’mon we all know we are asking about Giancarlo Stanton)


“It’s a great question and one thing I don’t want to do is get into individual names and specifics because that’s the type of question where you can begin to piece it together and you can begin to figure out who we were willing to offer. We were willing to give up very good talent to get very good talent in return.”


*Were dollars a factor?
“There were some pieces as we were working  through where we would have taken on significant contracts. Was it a deciding factor, no? … (But) the cost of that talent also factors in.”


*Can internal options like Andrew Lambo fill a void on the bench?


“That’s legitimate (power). We acquired Andrew for a reason. He’s certainly put up some good numbers. We feel with some continued adjustments he could be a guy that helps us at the major league level this summer.”


*Does history show that it’s better to sell or hold at the trade deadline?


“We study history. We study the big market teams that have held, the big market teams that have moved prospects, the same with the mid- and small-market teams. The quickest way to head in the wrong direction is to move too much talent, too much minor league talent, for a shot to win one time. That’s the quickest way to undo all the good that you’ve done. We’ve talked about  from Day 1 we are working our tails off to acquire and develop a deep and talented farm system for two reason: one have [prospects] come directly and play  on our major league club … that’s how you sustain. You also develop players to be able to trade them for what you don’t have when it makes sense. We were willing to give up a lot when it made sense. We just weren’t able to find that last part.”