Captionating the West Coast trip


SOUTH HILLS COMMAND CENTER –  Bringing you behind-the-scenes photos from the Pirates’ business trip out west — plus captions and travel recommendations — from one of Pittsburgh’s top amateur photographers.

photo (20)

Why would anyone want to live in San Diego?

Seriously, this should be a free agency magnet if not for that resource problem and general ambivalence toward sport.

photo (23)

An underrated ballpark.

Petco Park was build upon a relatively small footprint as you can see with how the Western Metal Supply Co. Building was incorporated, and it was required to be as a historic landmark. A very effective use of space, imo.

photo (22)


photo (14)

Again, underrated park. And only underrated because the Padres have not been very good since inhabiting it and most of the east coast is at rest when the Padres are playing home games. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a trip sometime.

photo (24)

Petco is located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, a major plus for dining and night life needs.

photo (15)

Eleven street tacos in two days.

I recommend dining at La Puerta in the Gaslamp District. Reasonable prices, great food.

photo (32)

If you go to San Diego, take the short trek over the bay bridge to Coronado Island, see the Pacific Ocean and visit the  Hotel Del Coronado. Worth your time.

photo (31)

Media lodgings in San Francisco.


photo (18)



(Near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco).


photo (16)

This is what it is to be popular.

That’s Gerrit Cole signing auotgraphs for his native Californians.



NSA surveillance,  San Diego Zoo

photo (30)

So California

photo (26)

Is there a better ballpark view in baseball?

photo (28)

Is there a better stadium entrance in baseball than AT&T Park’s center field entrance? You can commute by yacht, pretty darn cool.

photo (29)

One of the better press box views in baseball.

photo (17)

San Francisco, go there.

– TS