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Inside the Pirates’ celebration


CHICAGO – It’s 1:08 eastern time. I smell like cheap champagne, Coors Light and I can’t wear this shirt again on the road trip.


I just witnessed grown men and some kids (Cole, Gerrit) sporting every sort of goggles imaginable – from Oakley skiing eyewear to something out of eighth-grade chemistry class – dousing themselves with perfectly drinkable alcohol.


Enjoy it, Pittsburgh. This is what you’ve been waiting 21 years for.


Justin Morneau had his Derek Jeter moment , the Nationals lost 20 minutes later, and as the media waited outside the lockerroom room the smell of spent champagne begin to permeate throughout the concourse.


Once the visiting clubhouse doors opened I took out my iPhone….



So you were in a coma over the last year. You woke Monday and were told this was a photo from inside the Pirates locker room and that the Steelers stink.







Yes Virginia, there are Pittsburgh Pirates playoff T-shirts, including this spirit-soaked one sported by Russell Martin.



The likely NL MVP in eighth-grade style chemistry goggles keeping his champagne far away from our own Rob Biertempfel.




Champagne-soaked shoes.


Wife: ????!!!!????.


Me: I can explain …



This is not 1992 stock footage. I swear.


Yep, Gerrit, this happens ALL the time



This picture screams 10,000 words.


‘Nuff said


Goodnight everyone





  1. Mark says:


  2. Tony says:

    Double awesome!! What a great piece!

  3. Mario L says:

    Tears of Joy, couldn’t scream/hoot/hollar lastnight when it actually happened, woulda woken up wife & daughter, had to wait til smorning, PNCpark deserves home playoff games… its jealous of Heinz Field & CEC…

  4. Jersey Johnnie says:

    Wow great time to become Bucs fan….Great team,great city,great fans!!!!Now the work begins…

  5. leefoo says:

    I was up until 1:30 AM, which for an old guy is pretty darn good!
    I am optimistic that Clint will have them ready to go tonight!

  6. rb brown says:


  7. bill says:

    where can i get one of those tees that the guy down in front is wearing? looks like the 70’s bucs logo w/ cutch’s face. awesome!

  8. Wm Stoddart says:

    I am SO glad that Andrew McCutchen stayed around to provide an anchor around which to build a team!

  9. leefoo says:

    not sure, but this guy seems to have all the shirts

  10. kekkil says:

    couldnt happen to a more unified group.everyone cooperates with one another. got each others back n pick one another up when needed. thats what got them here

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