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Dickerson knows about the Reds rivalry


BRADENTON, Fla. — Chris Dickerson made his big league debut with the Reds in August 2008 and played for them two more years until he was traded to the Brewers straight-up for Jim Edmonds. He’s aware of the intense rivalry that has developed between the Pirates and Reds. Dickerson, who on Monday agreed to a minor league deal with the Pirates, said it would be “interesting” to be part of the battle from the other dugout this summer.

“I just talked to (Reds first baseman) Joey (Votto) yesterday,” Dickerson said — adding that he purposely neglected to tell Votto that he’d signed with the Pirates. “I’ve been back there (Great American Ball Park) since the trade (in 2010) and it’s always weird. That was my first home. There’s still a lot of the same fans (sitting) in the outfield as when I was there. It’s going to be interesting, going back to Cincinnati. It always is. I’m looking forward to it.”

Dickerson said that even when he played for the Reds, it was hard to see the Pirates endure their 20-year stretch of losing seasons.

“Seeing this organization struggle … it was so sad and disappointing, knowing that this team has such a great heritage and tradition and Pittsburgh is such a great sports city,” Dickerson said. “To see that all turn around (last) year, I was watching from afar and silently cheering this team on. I watched those playoff games and saw (PNC Park) and thought it must be incredible for the city of Pittsburgh and the Pirates. Every other team has succeeded in the last few years. It’s about time the Pirates did what everybody expects them to do. It was a lot of fun to watch.”

– Rob Biertempfel



  1. LeeFoo says:

    ehhhhhh…he’s just sucking up to try to get some playing time. :)

    Seriously, from his time with the O’s near where I live, lots of good comments coming out of there about his strong character.

    He should be a help to those Indy boys.

  2. Carlos Danger says:

    Hi Lee – I can appreciate that he can help with the AAA team, but do you think there are any hopes he can also help the big league team? Just curious since I have really never heard of the guy.

  3. Pig Legs Robinson says:

    He’s better than Jose ‘Line out into a double play’ Tabata, so he shouldn’t have much problem making the big league roster. Of course, you can say that for just about anybody.

  4. The Gunner says:

    Dickerson is probably this year’s version of Felix Pie. Hopefully, he will have some type of positive impact.

  5. Steve D says:

    I love that he knows what it meant to the fans during the WC game. Anytime someone brings that up, the rest of my life i will get goosebumps knowing i was two people away from catching that Martin HR and apart of the best game to be played ever at PNC.

    2011 & 2012 brought hope, 2013 showed promise and I believe that 2014 and beyond will be some of the best years this club will see for years to come. Embrace what we have now before it’s gone. I love baseball and I will always love the Buccos!

  6. The Gunner says:

    I hope you are right about Dickerson, Pigs Legs. Tabata did play well when Marte went down. But, we all know a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Most of the Buc fans have little or no trust level with Tabby.

  7. Jim S. says:

    I believe Tabby needs to prove right out of the gate that the tail end of last year was the start of him officially turning the corner toward becoming a productive, mature major leaguer. We’ll see if he can do that this year. If Aug/Sept Tabby is the Tabby we’ll get from here on out, he will be a solid 4th OF if/when Polanco arrives and establishes himself. In the meantime, that version of Tabby will be just fine holding down the fort until Polanco arrives.

    I would hope that the impending arrival of Polanco will ensure that Tabby is motivated and ready to go hard right out of the gate this year.

  8. Jim S. says:

    Could not agree more, Foo. Dickerson is in total suck-up mode. Gushing about CH calling him, talking about how painful it was to watch the Pirates struggle when he played for the opposition, etc. Give me a break. Just show up to Bradenton ready to go. Play well, and you’ll be fine. Hopefully, Inge getting released last year signaled the end of guys getting to stay on the team simply because they were “good clubhouse guys” or “very professional.” They need to produce now.

  9. Jim S. says:

    He’s an extra OF / platoon candidate. He has never been a star or projected as one that I have heard. Right now, I’d say he has to beat out Snider, Dacker (or is it Decker?) and possibly Lambo just to make the team. He is no guarantee ahead of any of them, if you ask me.

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