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February 18, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Outfield shifts the next big thing? And does Morales fit?

SOUTH HILLS – Last year the hidden secret  – the hidden competitive advantage – behind the Pirates’ 94-win campaign, was the Pirates’ extreme increased useage of infield shifts (combined with a spiked groundball rate) which we reported on extensively. The …

February 5, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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In need of a quick start, BP’s top 10, and the Cards have concerns?

Some good news as we recover from winter storm Nika. (What’s with the storm names?). The Pirates’ equipment truck left for Bradenton this morning. Pitchers and catchers will not be far behind. While so much of the hot stove focus has centered on roster construction and on player acquisition – pretend or real – I wanted to take a quick look at something else today.

February 4, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Late Night host asks you to play armchair GM

SOUTH HILLS – If you are unaware, Seth Meyers – the future Late Night host and Weekend Update inner circle Hall of Famer – has a soft spot for the Pirates. Meyers has Pittsburgh ties and followed the Pirates with …

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