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Silver linings playbook: Pirates’ 2014 schedule and Travis Snider


FORT MYERS, Fla. – One issue facing the Pirates entering 2014 is a number of NL contenders have become stronger. The Braves have reached an agreement with Ervin Santana. The Nationals added Doug Fister and are due for an overall bounceback, I think. The Cardinals addressed their black hole at short and overall defense. The Giants added Tim Hudson, etc., etc. The Pirates have done relatively little as is well documented.

But there is one offseason happening that apparently did help the Pirate: the schedule makers.

The Pirates enjoy an easier schedule than 60 percent of the other National League teams, according to Fangraphs’ SOS projection. Yes, even with the Pirates playing the AL East in inter-league this year, their schedule is easier than all but six other NL teams.

Hey, every win counts with where the Pirates are projected to be on the win curve.

The bad news is the NL clubs with easier projected schedules include the Cardinals, Braves and Dodgers. I suspect all three win their division.

Here’s another thing about the 2014 schedule and why the Pirates might want to consider bolstering their roster – particularly at 1b – as quick as possible: The Pirates’ first 25 games are against NL Central opponents. Get off to a slow start and there’s already digging to do come May. Sixteeen of those games are against the Reds and Cardinals.


Travis Snider gets another start in right field today and it’s seeming more and more like he’s the favorite to open the season in right field. I still think Snider is better than what he’s shown to date in large part because he dealt with a toe injury last season that hindered his balance and weight transfer. He has some patience and power and opened last season as the starting field field.

Over 510 minor league games, Snider posted a .383 OBP – and a .412 OBP in 190 career games at Triple-A. I think he can be better than his MLB OBP of .304 to date. I suspect Snider opens the year receiving the lion’s share of at bats in right with Jose Tabata spelling him against lefties. And, hey, the Pirates did offer him arbitration.

I sense Snider has been pretty focused this spring. He knows Gregory Polanco is on his way.

(Even though Snider would be short and unconventional for first base, I wonder if he floated the idea of trying to play there this offseason? I guess I’ll have to ask.)


I wonder if there could be some movement in the trade market as clubs begin trimming rosters. We know about the Pirates’  log jam of middle relievers, might Tabata have some value?

– TS



  1. NMR says:

    -Travis, is the vibe you’re getting about Snider coming from the organization or just a personal hunch?

    Seems like that would be a considerable upset, considering Jose Tabata was clearly the better player last year.

    I agree that Snider may still have more left than he’s shown, but taking massive chances on Lambo AND Snider would be very, very risky.

    Thinking even further down the road, I find it very unlikely that the Pirates want to pay Tabata over $4m to be a backup next year. Relegating him to left handers only would severely hurt any trade value he may have.

  2. Nate83 says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Tabata. He didn’t do anything last year to hurt himself when it pertains to competing with Snider. There doesn’t seem to be any huge defensive upside to starting Snider and Tabata’s cost going forward would make me think they need to find out what they have in him if for no other reason then to add value for trading him. In my opinion Tabata seems like the safer bet to contribute with his bat then Snider and he is considerably younger (insert joke here).

  3. Nate83 says:

    Oops…..they are almost the same age. I don’t know why I thought Tabata was 2 or 3 years younger then Snider. That’s the first time anyone mistaken him for being younger. Move along nothing to see here, just some crazy guy giving inaccurate information.

    BTW…..Silver Ling Playbook is a very good movie.

  4. NMR says:

    Hearing several rumors that Grady Sizemore is likely to make the Red Sox Opening Day roster, possibly even as the starting center fielder. This would likely mean that either Jackie Bradley Jr. stays in AAA until Sizemore inevitably gets hurt, or that Mike Carp would need traded.

    I find it strange that the Sox would bet on Sizemore’s health being good enough to give up Carp. Wonder if these rumors are being leaked to boost his trade value?

  5. Jim S. says:

    I don’t know if Tabata’s future salaries will become an issue or not as far as sticking with the team, but barring that I think he is a good fit for the next few years. He can play RF or LF reasonably well (compared to other utility corner OF in MLB), and can definitely spell Polanco as he matures as a hitter. And, Tabata tends to hit RHP and LHP pretty similarly, I believe. So, he can fill in for Marte vs. RHP, on occasion as well.

    Snider, on the other hand, does not seem as good a fit to me going forward. It is literally “put up or shut up” time for him IMO. He is no longer young, and he still does not engender much confidence if he needs to start for an extended period of time.

    I hope someone like Carp is available when final cuts are made, as NMR suggested on the previous post. I kept hoping we would get Smoak, but when I step back and look at the Seattle 1b situation, maybe he is their best option.

  6. Nate83 says:

    You could be right Jim about his contract not being a problem however after the first half of this year he becomes a bench player that gets 200-300 at bats a year. The Pirates are not known for giving those type of guys 4 million. That being said the Pirates have never been contending when having to make such a decision so maybe they will see value in having a guy like Tabata in case of injuries even if it does come at the cost of 4 million.

  7. Jim S. says:

    The whole Grady Sizemore experiment has been odd to me from the start. It is the sort of dumpster dive that I would expect of a team that is not in the top half of MLB local TV deals. Just to recap, the last we heard from Grady in an actual MLB regular season game was in 2011. And, he wasn’t anywhere near good in 2011 … or, 2010 for that matter:

    2013 – DNP
    2012 – DNP
    2011 – .224/.285/.422 (295 plate appearances)
    2010 – .211/.271/.289 (140 plate appearances)

    He was really good in ’05 – ’08, then started to slip in ’09. I will continue to scratch my head on this bizarre signing, and wonder who he has dirt on in the Red Sox organization, until he actually performs well again in a game that matters.

    FWIW … he is 4/13 this spring … all singles.

  8. Jim S. says:

    I wasn’t saying his contract won’t be an issue, Nate. I was saying that if that issue is put aside, he is a good fit. I think even though he will paid at a reasonable rate for a 4th OF by some teams’ standards, the Bucs may not be one of those teams.

  9. 21sthebest says:

    “One issue facing the Pirates entering 2014 is a number of NL contenders have become stronger.”

    Maybe on paper. The Blue Jays and Angels added a bunch of talent last offseason as I recall. The Blue Jays went from 73 to 74 wins and the Angels went from 89 wins to 78.

  10. sam magee says:

    I don’t understand the Tabata salary issue. He really signed for peanuts last year. Its very club friendly. I agree Snider need to put up or shut up and I don’t know which is better trade bait.

  11. Nate83 says:

    Sorry, I misread your post. I agree if money isn’t part of the equation he is a perfect 4th outfielder and would fit the Pirates needs really well going forward.

  12. Jim S. says:

    For sure.

  13. NMR says:

    I wouldn’t go that far, Jim. All accounts say the talent is still there, and those partial seasons were injury plagued and don’t represent his true ability.

    I think it’s actually a very smart signing. Just like Mike Carp was last year.

    I’m just not sure if I’d give up assets to keep him around.

  14. NMR says:

    “It is the sort of dumpster dive that I would expect of a team that is not in the top half of MLB local TV deals.”

    Is the type of deal the problem? Or the “dumpster dive” narrative?

    Don’t forget how the World Champion Boston Red Sox acquired Mike Carp.

  15. NMR says:

    Yeah, that is the type of comment that is made in the winter when there’s nothing to talk about, but often turns out not to be worth a hill of beans.

    Just like schedule projecting.

    I’m all for talking baseball for the sake of talking baseball, but it doesn’t worry me or excite me one bit.

  16. Jim S. says:

    4 years of nothing, basically. And, now he’ll be 32 this summer.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. It will be one of the most amazing comebacks in MLB history. Not saying it’s impossible, but I thought a team with their resources could have found less risk elsewhere.

  17. 21sthebest says:

    I’m not suggesting at all that anyone should not talk about these things. Pretty much everything should be on the table and sometimes they are worth a hill of beans I suppose. But another thing that wasn’t was how the Astros leaving the division was going to hurt us.

  18. Jim S. says:

    But, it sounds like they may be counting on Sizemore to start in CF. Carp was a platoon 1b that could have been replaced more easily if he didn’t work out. The Sizemore thing sounds like a heck of a lot bigger risk to me.

    Good luck to Grady Sizemore. I’m sure it has been a frustrating 4+ years for him.

  19. Nate83 says:

    I actually prefer the way the Red Sox run their organization over the Yankees and Angel type teams. They seem to always have a decent farm system and develop enough of their own players. They will spend on free agents but seem to avoid the big overpays or contracts that extend well past productive years. I think they also put a lot of stock into high character guys. They have money and will spend it but it seems to be with more of a plan then some of the other large market teams.

  20. Nate83 says:

    Not as frustrating as it was for Indian fans. Talk about a city needing something, anything to cheer about.

    How about Bynum lighting it up for the Pacers last night. You can’t tell me Cavs fans didn’t want to punch their TV’s.

  21. Jim S. says:

    True, especially when the Astros would eventually have the resources to make life very difficult for the Pirates every season if/when they get their act together – kind of like the Cubs. The Cubs deserve all of the ridicule they have received in the past … oh … 105 or so years. But, all it takes is some smart people to turn things around and suddenly they are a financial juggernaut that will be very tough to deal with. They are turning a corner.

  22. Nate83 says:

    I forgot about that one. How would they ever overcome not getting those easy wins? In another 3 years we will be happy we don’t have to face them. I think they are building that team the right way. Hopefully their fans realize it and don’t get impatient.

    Another one I don’t like is bringing up past performance against an opponent going back years and years. This really frustrates me with the NFL more then anything. I don’t care if the Steelers haven’t beaten the Falcons on the road in 25 years. It has no effect on the game. They probably play them on the road once every 6 or 7 years.

  23. cmat0829 says:

    Maybe I’m paranoid in this NSA-era, but I think that ANYTHING that is leaked in terms of trade rumors & contract discussions, etc. is LEAKED for a purpose…. by whomever leaks the info.

    That’s why I’m sometimes so critical with the info-based reporters, including Peter Gammons, who seem to just be a conduit for many in the industry to put crap out there. When I read that “15 teams are in the mix for AJ Burnett” than it stretches the use of the term ‘journalist’. I’m pretty sure a blog alias would serve FO types and agents better than some of these so-called journalists.

    Phew, feel better now.

  24. Nate83 says:

    I definitely see the Cubs replacing the Reds towards the top of the division. The Reds have put too many eggs into a couple of baskets and need a lot to go right over the next few years to stay competitive. I’m not sure it will happen this year for the Cubs but it feels like they are getting close. Castro needs to have a nice bounce back year. His defense isn’t good enough to just be mediocre at the plate.

  25. cmat0829 says:

    I don’t think much has changed in the mind of Clint Hurdle as it relates to Snider and Tabata. Pretty clear that CH knows that Tabby’s problem is always playing hard and staying healthy…. Tabby did play well in July/Aug/Sept last year and he got the chance because Snider was hurt.

    I think CH thinks Snider has ability to hit at this level and he is intrigued to give him a chance.

    I think anything BUT a Tabby/Snider platoon, based on CH history, would be an upset.

  26. Nate83 says:

    Yep and Ben demanded a trade last year and him and Haley wanted to fight to the death a few times over the last 2 years. It’s mostly noise. I find it easier especially with baseball and football to find a few guys you trust and only really take what they say seriously. I like Ken Rosenthal in Baseball. He seems to always say when something is unlikely so people don’t start running with it like it’s going to happen.

  27. cmat0829 says:

    Spot on. Just comes down to effort. Rosenthal and others have the relationships, the ability and effort to make the two,three,four extra calls or texts to ferret our reliable information. Others just lazily post as soon as they hear something in the effort to be first. It’s fun to read MLB Rumors website, where you see the various time-stamped posts on a topic, sometimes in direct contradiction to the earlier post. If it weren’t such a frenzy to be first, we could have better information and avoid wasting time chasing windmills.

  28. 21sthebest says:

    So many things like that Nate frustrate me about the NFL. Analysis by paralysis.

  29. Jim S. says:

    Agreed on the Reds, Nate.

    Cubs are probably at least 2 years from competing. But, they are assembling quite a bit of high end position player talent. Pitching is still thin, but they will be able to mash. And, I have no doubt they will sign a few arms to bolster their team. The Cubs will have the flexibility in a few years to add the components they want. Budget will not be a concern for them.

  30. dave says:

    Thank you!! My thoughts exactly.

  31. Nate83 says:

    Theo is being patient and not spending crazy money on pitching yet but when the time is right I have no doubt the crazy money is available and it will be used correctly.

  32. NMR says:

    But a pure platoon? Hurdle didn’t even do that last year.

  33. Jim S. says:

    I think we got a glimpse with the Japanese pitcher the Yankees signed. The Cubs made a big time play, but Ichiro probably swayed him.

    So, you are right. They will strike tactically on pitching. They will also trade Smardzija this year for young pitching, I think.

  34. NMR says:

    They most certainly are not “counting” on him starting. They have Jackie Bradley Jr. as well.

  35. NMR says:

    “I’m all for talking baseball for the sake of talking baseball…”

  36. Ghost says:

    Last year, it was Tabata who had to “put up or shut up.” Now he seems to be off the hook. Wouldn’t disagree about Snider being down to his last chance. But I tend to agree with what Lloyd McClendon (and before him, Jim Leyland) used to say: “Just run the players out there. They’ll let you know who deserves to play.”
    (Of course, this is until Polanco arrives. Since no one –including myself– counts on Polanco flopping out of the gate, aren’t Tabby and Snider really both auditioning for “4th outfielder” roles? Or positions with post-trade teams? Or would the Bucs keep both all year long? Snider at $1.2 mil, maybe. Tabby at $4 mil, not the Pirates MO.

  37. Nate83 says:

    It’s not an issue this year. I think it’s like 2.1 million. Next year it goes up to 4 million which is reasonable for a starter and for some teams even a 4th outfielder. Each year after that he gets more expensive and plays less for us therefore harder to trade. When signed it was team friendly and they barely knew Marte and Polanco existed. It’s still team friendly for a team wanting to use him as a starter. It was and still is a good contract for what he gives you over 550 at bats but going forward past this year he won’t get that many at bats.

    Personally I hope the Pirates will be past the point where 4 million seems like a bad amount to pay a 4th outfielder in 2015 that can step in and be depended on in case of injury. Unfortunately nothing they did over this off season convinces me any bench bat will get that much. Melancon will probably be another player that becomes too expensive for the role he plays. I don’t think he can become a closer and the Pirates will not spend the 4-5 million he will cost next year. I hope I’m wrong but I think having players making 4-8 million filling roles that are not that of a starter is not a luxury the Pirates will be willing to pay.

  38. Nate83 says:

    And I think that is a good move. I don’t think Smardzija is consistent enough or will hold up long enough to give him the contract he will be demanding. He’s good enough to get prospects but not the type of player I would build a team around personally. In my opinion it would be the same mistake the Reds made with Homer Bailey.

  39. NMR says:

    The Pirates left about $15m on the table this winter. Salary should be the last reason they trade any players this season.

    1B platoon mean they’ll carry at least six infielders all year. That leaves them five spots available for outfielders, four if they hold onto Josh Harrison as utility. If Polanco arrives when expected, it would look like that means a rare early season trade of either Tabby or Snider.

  40. Nate83 says:

    Tabata contract is:

    2014 – 3 million
    2015 – 4 million
    2016 – 4.5 million

    Three team options totaling 23.5 million from 2017-2019.

    That is amazing that they got 3 team options with a 250,000 buyout. Now seeing the exact numbers if he keeps an OBP of .330 this year there is no reason to trade him. None of those numbers are excessive in cost for a guy putting up those numbers. It seems reasonable considering the insurance it would give you against injury to one of the starters and at the very least you get 250-300 at bats from a player that you are familiar with and comfortable in giving you value. The alternative has made it’s way through her in free agency between 2008-2012 with very bad results.

  41. Nate83 says:

    Doesn’t Snider have one option left? I can’t imagine Snider has much trade value at this point.

  42. Ghost says:

    So what does the bench look like, as far as lefties and righties available. Stewart and Barmes don’t figure to be go-to guys late in a game. Lambo or Gabby would be one. Is Decker sticking? McGuinness? Those two are both lefties, right? Stewart and Barmes will, of course, be taking up two spots. Harrison another since he at least can play many positions. For the sake of that last bat off the bench, who would be favored?

  43. NMR says:

    I don’t believe he does, Nate.

  44. NMR says:

    “So what does the bench look like..”

    Lambo (L) or Gaby (R)
    Snider (L) or Tabby (R)
    Harrison (R)
    Barmes (Neither)
    Stewart (wet noodle)

  45. NMR says:

    Hey, one of us actually looked up the contract! Much appreciated, Nate, and sorry for being lazy.

    Not only does he have three options, but they start at like $7m, right? That is awfully reasonable in 2014 MLB dollars, and likely even better looking by 2017. I think this flexibility alone make him easily tradeable to a team with money that is looking to add depth.

  46. Ghost says:

    In that case, when Polanco comes Snider actually might be the one to stick around because if Lambo is already in the game, Lunchbox would be the only lefty on the bench.

  47. Andrew says:

    If Boston resigns Drew (remember him) that would push Carp further down the depth chart.

  48. Andrew says:

    If I remember correctly Tabata’s agency dropped him just prior or right after signing that extension. I agree Tabata certainty has some trade value going forward, however is $4 million really that expensive for a 4th outfielder, I would have to look around the league. Maybe he becomes expandable if some of the Pirates outfield prospects breakout, but I think is very useful, other than the debacle of 2012, he has provided value.

    I share Jim’s sentiments on Snider, if he does not develop that power potential he does not really provide much value and he cannot hit LHP, I think he is likely gone after this year (maybe during.) I think Tabata is the better defender, numbers say Snider is but it is close enough that it is even, and I do not understand how Tabata is a plus fielder in PNC’s leftfield and negative in right.

  49. Andrew says:

    Snider is out of options, if he hits early in the year get him a first baseman’s glove.

  50. NMR says:

    Depends on how you define 4th outfielder, Andrew. Several platoon guys like David Murphy and David De Jesus signed for $6m AAV this winter, I believe.

    If a team is in a position where either corner starter is any sort of an injury or performance risk, the guy behind them could easily get 300+ ABs. $4m would be easily justified.

  51. NMR says:

    I like your thought process, but Tabby hasn’t really shown any split to speak of and hits righties, on average, better than Snider.

  52. Ghost says:

    Oh, well that’s a good point.
    Sorry then Travis. Fare thee well come June, if not sooner.

  53. Steelkings says:

    Yes, and nobody mentioned anything about the Cardinals signing Aledmys Diaz for utility infielder type money. I read it works out to 4 years for 25 million. That is the type of thing that makes me crazy. I need to ask. How does that happen? A franchise starved for talent at the shortstop position can not miss out on an opportunity to pick up a kid who is being compared to Jeter, when said kid comes so cheap.

  54. Steelkings says:

    Both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are hurt. Ed Kranepool (who?) is about to win the first base job for the Mets.

  55. Steelkings says:

    Dont be surprised if Jaff Decker doesnt beat Snider out of a Job.

  56. Steelkings says:

    Robert Andino is awful. 3 errors in 6 games combined with a .111 BA over 11 games isnt gonna get it. This spring training innings eater’s career dissipation light is flickering rapidly.

  57. Steelkings says:

    If you are going to run guys out there like Wilk, Schlereth, Mann, Baker and Kenny, then why send Taillon to minor league camp so early?

  58. Steelkings says:

    Is Chris Dickerson this years Felix Pie? Play in a handful of games when the rosters expand and then off to Korea.

  59. Steelkings says:

    Show of hands……Who knows who Kelson U. Brown is ?

  60. Steelkings says:

    Andy Lambo went 0-2 again yesterday running his BA down to a blistering .087. At least he didnt strike out.

  61. The Gunner says:


    You certainly don’t want Lambo to peak too soon, do you?

  62. Steelkings says:

    Speaking of Wilk, Talk about having a nice spring. 7 innings pitched and all he has given up was a severely wind blown dinger. Other than that its been 5 K’s and a bunch of ground balls.

  63. Dan Novak says:

    Sounds like bad news for Clayton Holmes !

  64. Steelkings says:

    Clay Holmes is a player fresh out of High School. What happened ?

  65. Jim S. says:

    He’s going for “the visit.” That visit usually results in surgery. I wish him well.

  66. Jim S. says:

    I thought Taillon had a blister that is going to keep him from pitching until he would have been sent down, anyway.

  67. Jim S. says:

    I’ve been wondering that myself. Hurdle seems to keep saying he likes Jaff. But, didn’t they guarantee about a million $$ to Snider?

  68. Dan Novak says:

    The Pirates rested him two or three times this past year and he hasn’t really threw this spring…

  69. Jim S. says:

    I don’t think his bat is being compared to Jeter’s. I think the deal was for 4/$8 million, right? If everyone thought he was going to be another Jeter, Steel, I’m sure he would have gotten more money.

  70. Jim S. says:

    Ok, Sizemore and Jackie Bradley, Jr. They won the WS last year, and have one of the top 5 revenues in all of MLB.

    If the Pirates were going into this those two as their CF options – a rookie and a guy who has missed 2 entire seasons and stunk the 2 years before that – imagine what would be said in Pittsburgh about ownership and the GM.

  71. Jim S. says:

    I wish they had done that sooner.

  72. 21sthebest says:

    Seems to me like most of those visits don’t result in surgery.

  73. Jim S. says:


    I always hear that more often than not, surgery is the result. I hope not in Holmes’ case.

    Doesn’t sound like Medlen will be so lucky after his visit with Andrews.

  74. Andrew says:

    I came to the same conclusion, I looked up a few forth outfielder salaries and a guy who can passably man both corner spots and has not demonstrated any platoon splits would certainly get more than $4 million on the free agent market.

  75. Andrew says:

    Decker has two options left.

  76. Andrew says:

    Taillon is going to start in AAA and needs to be stretched out you cannot do that in major league camp while stretching out your major league starters.

  77. Andrew says:

    Maybe Lambo is taking the LaRoche approach, and won’t hit until mid-May. Which would be bad because Lambo would likely be out of a job by then.

  78. Andrew says:

    Contender cannot have holes, organization was too cheap to resign Ellsbury.

  79. Jim S. says:

    Decker will probably be the one to go. But, we may see him at some point in Pittsburgh this year.

  80. Leo Walter says:

    NMR & Nate, the org. Is probably looking at all that right handed pitching the Pirates will see when they think about Snider swinging a productive bat ( finally )

  81. Leo Walter says:

    I have been thinking much the same as you Jim. That is a looong time to go without any production,then throw a switch.

  82. Leo Walter says:

    Whose job does Diaz take Steel ? Ellis ‘? Diaz’s bat is mighty suspect by the way.

  83. Leo Walter says:

    Andino will be the starter in Indy till Hanson makes a move,if it does come this season.

  84. Jim S. says:

    Yeah, I really don’t get that one, Andrew.

  85. uncledread says:


  86. Jim S. says:

    Yeah, I think he is “organizational depth.”

  87. Steelkings says:

    I dont think so. I think they will take a long look at Blake Davis in Indianapolis

  88. Steelkings says:

    You guys are both backwards. And besides, quit making excuses for the BMTIB. Its his glove that was suspect. The deal is believed to be for $15-20 million for four years. He will start the year in AAA. But I guess we have a plethora of SS in the farm system.

    “”””The 23-year-old Diaz batted .315 with 12 home runs and 11 steals in 270 at-bats in 2012 for Los Naranjas de Villa Clara, Cuba’s highest professional league, which has produced Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes, the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig and Cincinnati’s Aroldis Chapman.”””””

  89. Steelkings says:

    @ Leo the Lion

    Robert Andino

  90. Steelkings says:

    You mean organizational death. He was not very good in Florida. Neither was he good in Baltimore. He wasn’t very good in Seattle, and he’s not very good right now. He’s a career .230 hitter who doesn’t field it very well. Whats not to like?

  91. Jim S. says:


    I’m going by what the Cards announcer said on Tuesday about his contract. He said the deal was in the 4/$8M range – although I guess he could have been wrong. I have not seen this guy play. So, maybe his bat is better than his glove. But, he’s 23, and in the minors. Derek Jeter was a star at 22.

  92. Andrew says:


    Everything I have seen said eight million, other than incorrect initial reports. The Cuban league’s league average is .300 and pitching in the high A range. I saw a report who says Leslie Anderson, currently an organization guy at AAA for the Rays was a better prospect. This from a discussion from a scout at a Cardinal’s sight.

    “I see him as a second baseman or possibly third baseman on a bad team or a utility guy on a good team. Defensively, he’s not in the same class as Iglesias or Arruebarruena, and a move from short seems likely. Offensively, he projects as no more than an average bat (and even that might be optimistic), and I don’t see him having the power to play third on a regular basis, at least not for a good team.”

  93. NMR says:


    You really gonna tell other people what is and isn’t suspect about a player you’ve never seen play a day in your life?

    Come on, dude.

  94. NMR says:

    I remember reading that they can cut Snider before opening day at a reduced rate, Jim.

  95. NMR says:

    Can I get involved in the AAA shortstop depth chart argument!?!?


  96. Steelkings says:


    Im not exactly sure what you mean, but I’ll take a stab at it.

    No#1 , Please do not use the “we aint got no money” excuse after I plead my case and point.
    The Cuban nationals get that horse hockey bull crap about how their league is on the level of American A ball. And then “questionable Talent level” players such a Puig, Abrau, Cespedes and Chapman seem to excel just fine. Of course there are several scouts that apparently dont like Diaz too. However its obvious none of those scouts work for the Saint Louis Cardinals, who as I recollect have been to the postseason 9 out of the last 12 years. So, NMR, Perhaps I dont need to see him play. I think I’ll hedge my bets on the scouts that work for the team that has reloaded their farm system better than anyone else over the past 15 years.

  97. Steelkings says:

    And NMR, Based on the last paragraph, Andrew apparently has seen him play.

  98. NMR says:


    I asked Travis two weeks ago if he could ask around as to why the Pirates weren’t at all interested in Diaz. You’re barking up the wrong tree, buddy.

  99. Steelkings says:

    Sometimes you dont make much sense

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